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Access Bank surpasses expansion expectations in Africa

The universal bank is located in 17 countries and has more than 600 branches worldwide

Access Bank is driven by its vision, ‘To be the world’s most respected African Bank’. With more than 49 million customers, presence in 17 countries and more than 600 branches worldwide, it’s easy to say they are well on their way to making this a reality.

Strong growth expectations across the African continent have led Access Bank to invest in a robust expansion strategy which is supported by its extensive experience in the oil & gas sectors, and the largest retail network in Africa.

ifm-access-bank-surpasses-expansion-post-imgWith the group’s expertise, easy access to international markets and teams of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Access Bank has positioned itself as the strategic partner of choice for companies and public-private institutions. It has its sight set on stimulating the growth of its network in international trade and payment centres, using this as a platform to showcase Africa’s potential to the rest of the world.

Access Bank universally employs over 28,000 people in its operations in Nigeria, the UK, The Gambia, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, South Africa and Mozambique along with representative offices in China, Lebanon, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

Access Bank serves the various markets through four business segments: Retail, Corporate, Commercial and Corporate banking.

Supported by values such as excellence, innovation, leadership, empowered employees and a passion for customers, Access Bank sets standards for sustainable business practices that nurture and unleash the talent of its employees, adding value to customers and providing innovative solutions to the markets and communities it serves. It is guided by ethical behaviour and maintains strong compliance policies, anticipating and mitigating against risks associated with banking.

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