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Business Leader of the Week: Meet Raja Easa Al Gurg, the face of women’s economic empowerment

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Raja Easa Al Gurg was named the most powerful Emirati Businesswoman in Forbes Middle East's 2017 ranking

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a significant and diversified conglomerate with a rich history dating back to 1960. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Easa Saleh Al Gurg, the group has grown into one of the region’s leading companies spanning a wide range of industries and sectors.

The group’s diversified portfolio includes companies in the construction, retail, industrial, real estate, healthcare and commercial sectors, among others. One of its flagship companies is Al Gurg Group, a well-known conglomerate that operates throughout the Middle East in various sectors such as automotive, electronics, consumer goods and industrial equipment.

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Real Estate, another important arm of the group, has been instrumental in shaping Dubai’s skyline. They have developed numerous commercial and residential projects, thereby contributing to the city’s urban transformation.

In addition to real estate and trading, the group is actively involved in the healthcare sector through its subsidiary Al Gurg Healthcare. This division focuses on providing quality healthcare services, including the distribution of medical equipment and supplies.

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group is also dedicated to sustainable practises and corporate social responsibility. They place great value on environmental protection and social commitment in their business activities, and are in line with global efforts on issues like climate change and social well-being.

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group’s success is due to its commitment to excellence, innovation and integrity. The company has a strong presence not only in the UAE but also in international markets, making it a globally recognised and respected conglomerate. With a history spanning over six decades, the Group continues to be a driving force for the growth and development of the UAE and the wider region.

The person behind Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group’s growing success is 68-year-old Raja Easa Al Gurg, a businesswoman and the Chairperson of the company.

    Who is Raja Easa Al Gurg?

  • Raja Easa Al Gurg is a daughter of Easa Saleh Al Gurg, and was born and brought up in Dubai
  • She graduated from Kuwait University in 1977 with a degree in English Literature and served as headmistress of Zabeel Secondary School for Girls from 1978 to 1989
  • Soon after, Raja Easa Al Gurg joined the board of directors of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group
  • She, along with Sheikha Lubna Al-Qasimi, led a delegation of Dubai businesswomen to the US – Arab Economic Forum in 2003
  • Raja Easa Al Gurg was also the most powerful Emirati Businesswoman in Forbes Middle East’s 2017 ranking
  • She has been ranked 28th in the ‘Arab Power 2018’ listing of the ‘100 Most Powerful Arabs’
  • Raja Easa Al Gurg is a Board Member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Dubai Healthcare City Authority
  • She is the first Emirati woman on the board of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited and is also on the advisory board of Coutts Bank
  • In 2019, Raja Easa Al Gurg released her autobiography, entitled ‘Raja Al Gurg – An Autobiography’
  • According to Forbes, as of January 2021, Raja Easa Al Gurg’s net worth is around USD 558 million

Journey To The Top

In an interview with Gulf Business, she discussed her journey to the top, opportunities for women and the lessons she would like to share with the younger generation.

When asked about what made her tell the story in latest autobiography, she said, “I have been through so many experiences and challenges in life, whether it was in the education sector, business or then philanthropy and medical, and I thought it would be a very good idea to pass all these experiences to the younger generation. I also wanted to leave a legacy behind for my children and grandchildren and family, showing them that even if I am called a grandmother one day my grandchildren will not feel that I did not work hard or was not educated. So I thought that this would be the right way to attract the attention of the younger generation and my own children and grandchildren.”

Raja Easa Al Gurg also shared some key lessons from her career.

“Dedication, transparency, time management and keeping a good relationship with people whether you intend to see them again or not because I believe that one day you will need them for something. I’ve never even cut my relationships with all the teachers and students at my school and also my colleagues – the Emirati girls who were working with me. We are together and we sit on boards together and that makes me very proud,” she said.

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