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Jack Dorsey to Bill Gates: Must know habits of extraordinary business leaders

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Square CEO Jack Dorsey worked from home at least two days a week before the coronavirus outbreak

An extraordinary work-from-home experiment began in March 2020. Most employees expected to return to the office within weeks after offices were left empty overnight, and employees were urged to Work From Home. Instead, as the pandemic progressed, workers used Microsoft Teams and Zoom to hold meetings from home.

After two years of COVID-19 lockdowns, many companies have adopted permanent “flexible working”. Working remotely has pros and cons, including saving time and money on commutes and improving work-life balance.

Here are the finest suggestions for remote working from successful business leaders for people struggling to establish an effective Work From Home practice.

Use Buffer Time Like LinkedIn Executive Chairman Jeff Weine
LinkedIn Executive Chairman Jeff Weiner understands healthy work practices. He has long advocated “buffer time”—brief breaks in your schedule between meetings or other high-intensity activities. With the rise of remote work, Jeff Weiner has stressed the significance of brief, scheduled breaks to promote productivity and well-being. So make sure you set out real buffer time to catch your breath, exercise, or do whatever relaxes you.

Reflect On The Day Like Zoom CEO Eric Yuan
Zoom is most likely the most closely associated with Work From Home. Eric Yuan, the company’s founder and CEO, believes that hybrid work, a combination of remote and office-based labour, would fundamentally change people’s working patterns. Eric Yuan always takes 15 minutes in the evening to review the day’s successes and failures. Eric Yuan calls this time “thinking meditation” and uses it to think about how he may improve as a leader.

Get Out Like YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
Some Work From Home workers are easily sidetracked, but others need the structure of an office day to leave their computers. Working remotely, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki benefits from walking outside twice daily. I need to stroll or exercise outside the house. But, she continued, “I’m also trying to remember that this will end, that we will get through it. As leaders, we all experience crises and know the end.”

Schedule & Organise Like Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates
Bill Gates is a prominent advocate for Work From Home culture following the pandemic. Bill Gates has praised remote working but also noted its drawbacks and concerns for workers and students. Bill Gates focused on remote login discipline and organization on Code Break. Bill Gates said, “I do think that having a new normal pattern and trying every day to stick to that is pretty helpful. I do think that discipline is pretty important.”

Exercise & Meditate Like Square CEO Jack Dorsey
Square CEO Jack Dorsey worked from home at least two days a week before the outbreak. Jack Dorsey meditates before high-intensity interval exercise when working from home. A seven-minute workout wakes up the body before work. No personal trainer. Gym? Not me. A chair, a wall, and body weight are all I need to work out daily.

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