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Amazon Prime Video overtakes Netflix in India

The disparity in the subscription pricing is the major factor for Netflix falling behind

Amazon Prime Video has surpassed Netflix in several markets, latest being India.

According to the data released by IHS Markit, in almost a year of its launch in India, Amazon Prime Video has slightly gone ahead of Netflix, with about 10% of market share in 2017.

An IHS Markit spokesperson told Times of India: “To clarify, these are Amazon Prime subscribers who actively use Prime Video as opposed to the total Prime subs.”

Amazon Prime Video has also exceeded Netflix in Germany and Japan in terms of subscription base.

The most important factor that made Netflix take the back seat is the disparity in subscription pricing.

The IHS Markit spokesperson said: “Initially, Amazon Prime was the same price per year (Rs 499) as the lowest tier Netflix subscription cost per month (Rs 500).”

“Although this has now doubled to Rs 999 per year for Amazon, it is still a significant discount, considering a service that offers more than just online video.”

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