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Exis Telecom to be the first MVNO to launch in Mexico

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The company will be using MDS Global’s VNOnDemand solution for the launch

Exis Telecom will be launching  in Mexico in December using MDS Global’s VNOnDemand solution. The solution will help to enhance its business support systems. Exis Telecom is the first MVNO to launch in Mexico using VADSA’s end-to-end platform. 

The company seeks to provide its customers with a host of additional services, along with connectivity. This points to fintech solutions and personal security. 

Natalia Saenz, President of VADSA said: “We are thrilled to be launching Exis Telecom as the first MVNO on our platform and look forward to delivering their range of innovative services to the Mexican market. This is also the beginning of a new era for MVNOs in Mexico. We have shown that our platform smooths the path for new specialist operators looking to quickly enter the market, and we believe Exis will be the first of many to take advantage of our solution.”

In addition to these developments, the US has been urging Mexico to not import 5G infrastructure from network providers who are banned under the Clean Networks Programmes. Huawei is among those providers blacklisted under the programme. 

The Clean Networks Programme is an important contributor to 5G infrastructure deployment in the country. That said, it will also help to protect the privacy of companies and the national security at large. Mexico is yet to launch the 5G network. But the US might encourage the Latin giant to join forces against inclusion of Huawei, with the ratification of the trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada.

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