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finexis advisory: Ensuring growth for HNWI clients

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finexis advisory is the first financial advisory firm in Singapore to launch a WhatsApp chatbot integrated with ChatGPT

finexis advisory has become the beacon of innovation and excellence in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of financial services. With its two sister companies located in Singapore and Hong Kong, finexis advisory is now pioneering digital transformation, while catering to high-net-worth individuals.

The firm has also earned the distinction of being the “Most Innovative Homegrown Financial Advisory Firm 2023” by the International Finance Awards, due to its efforts in the arena of digital transformation in financial advisory, marked by resilience, adaptability, and foresight.

Rising To The Occasion

As the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 posed unprecedented challenges in the financial sector, finexis advisory enhanced its digital capabilities to support its extensive network of over 700 financial advisors and their clients.

finexis advisory’s digital strategy consists of digital tools designed to enhance the financial planning experience and foster stronger relationships between the company’s financial consultants and their clients.

The strategy also includes a Financial Dreams Manager tool that can simulate the feasibility of a client’s financial goals and dreams, a client mobile app, and an electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) application.

finexis advisory has also become the first financial advisory firm in Singapore to launch a WhatsApp chatbot integrated with ChatGPT.

Testament To Innovation

IFM-Irene HoDuring an interaction with International Finance, finexis advisory (SG) Deputy CEO Irene Ho said, “Our recognition as the Most Innovative Homegrown Financial Advisory Firm 2023 is a testament to our journey of growth and innovation. At finexis, we’re not just embracing digital transformation; we’re actively shaping it to align with our core values of client-centric service. This award reflects our team’s dedication and our commitment to staying ahead in a dynamic financial landscape.”

The digital enhancements have allowed advisors to focus more on understanding the needs of the client and providing tailored financial strategies and personalised advice.

The eKYC process has reduced the time required for client onboarding, verification and compliance checks.

While the use of the Financial Dreams Manager tool facilitates better client engagement, the client mobile app allows faster access to financial information. Moreover, the integration of the WhatsApp chatbot has enabled advisors to swiftly receive responses to address client’s enquiries during their review.

The firm has also improved its advisor efficiency by at least 30%, apart from enhancing client interactions.

Fastest Growing HNWI Advisory

For two consecutive years, finexis advisory (HK) has earned the recognition of being the “Fastest Growing High Net Worth Advisory”, a milestone which highlights the venture’s expertise in serving high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs).

Speaking about the success, finexis advisory (HK) CEO Amy Chong told International Finance, “Our consistent growth is a clear indication of our acute market sensitivity and successful strategy formulation. We deeply appreciate the recognition from our partners and are committed to continuing to create higher value for the market and our partners in the future.”

finexis advisory (HK) has developed integrated wealth management services that encompass both personal and corporate financial planning through a suite of professional and tailor-made financial products.

The venture has harboured partnerships with over 45 international fund houses, 40 insurance companies, four investment platforms, and five international banks to offer over 400 professionally managed funds.

finexis advisory (HK) has been proactive in expanding its market presence, while understanding the ever-changing needs of the financial sector, exploring new markets and forging new business partnerships.

The company’s expansion into jurisdictions like Bermuda and Luxembourg reflects their commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of the HNWI clientele, while going beyond traditional solutions. This approach to market expansion is anchored in the firm’s philosophy of fostering new relationships, gaining new insights, and exploring new territories with courage and foresight.

The Road Ahead

As a process-driven company, finexis advisory is continuously enhancing its systems and operations with a focus on improving customer experiences.

The venture’s motto, “Sustainable growth is derived from Happy Customers,” underscores its strategy for client retention and the resultant success in a competitive market.

The combined achievements of both Singapore and Hong Kong branches have set new industry standards, thereby marking a path of transformation and growth for the firm in the global financial landscape.

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