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Finexis Advisory (HK): Guiding HNWI clients to success

IFM_Finexis Advisory (HK) CEO Amy Chong
Finexis Advisory (HK) has expanded its reach and range of products across jurisdictions in Bermuda and Luxembourg

Hong Kong-based financial advisory firm Finexis Advisory (HK) Ltd was recently recognized as the “Fastest Growing High Net Worth Advisory” at the International Finance Magazine Awards 2022, thus validating what has been a fast-paced year for the organization.

This recognition comes as no surprise since Finexis Advisory (HK) Ltd has always provided services that have fulfilled the requirements of clients across the globe.

Be it restructuring business strategies or adapting to the new trade practices in an ever changing landscape, Finexis Advisory (HK), which backs strategic business partnerships as a tool to drive growth, has put forward its best practices. The firm, in the last few years, has been working to establish its value in product range, services rendered as well as governance.

Finexis Advisory (HK), which was founded in 2010, has been working with its sister company based in Singapore, as it serves as a bridge between Singapore and Hong Kong, Asia’s two key financial hubs. With the ever changing needs of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), Finexis Advisory (HK) has expanded its reach and range of products across jurisdictions in Bermuda and Luxembourg.

During an interaction with International Finance, Finexis Advisory (HK) CEO Amy Chong said, “There are definitely benefits to having access to a range of products in different jurisdictions. Such solutions can provide coverage to mitigate risks such as political and currency risks. The solutions can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of the business or individual, depending on travel patterns and residency.”

“We are also able to leverage cost savings for the clients as premium differences can vary up to 30% across jurisdictions. Partners working with us are able to value add and get the best possible outcome for their clients, and earn their trust to manage their portfolio,” CEO Amy Chong added.

Finexis Advisory (HK) is a process-driven company, which continuously sharpens its systems and operations, apart from working smarter to become more efficient while maintaining a high standard of service and value. It chooses to focus more on improving customer experiences, as the management believes in the motto of “Sustainable growth is derived from Happy Customers”.

Finexis Advisory (HK) also believes in maintaining good corporate governance and responsibilities, thus exercising strict regulations in maintaining high standards of governance to protect the interests of its clients and partners. This attracts more customers and businesses, and clients enjoy peace of mind while placing their capital with the firm.

There are many moving aspects and operational demands that an advisory firm needs to manage in order to be able to successfully place a solution for the client. Not only does it require the company to work well with business partners who have similar objectives, but longevity in the partnership also becomes crucial as well, in order to grow together.

“From the initial meeting, onboarding of the business partner, and working together to find a solution for the client, open communication is key on all fronts. Finexis Advisory (HK) prides itself on having a flat structure so that we can stay nimble and flexible to adapt to the market’s ever-changing landscape. The management is definitely not afraid to get their hands dirty so that the junior staff can leverage on their experience, and everyone learns together,” Amy Chong said.

To keep itself future-proof, the Finexis Advisory (HK) management has already begun planning for the next phase of the advisory firm’s growth.

Amy Chong said, “It is more important, now than ever, to seek and collaborate with aligned business partners, staff, and clients to cut through the noise in the market and establish our niche in the marketplace.”

The needs of the financial sector and its stakeholders are always changing, and Finexis Advisory (HK) is always looking for opportunities to expand and seek new business partners to maintain its growth path. Breaking into new markets requires fostering new relationships, gaining new insights, and having the courage to explore new territories. Finexis Advisory (HK) is well aware of this business principle and is committed to up its game continuously, in order to serve the growing needs of HNWI, beyond the ambit of offering traditional solutions.

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