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Profuturo firms up the Mexican funds market

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Profuturo is leading the retirement advisory and pension funds management in Mexico. Backed by Grupo Bal, one of the most significant business conglomerates, the company has strengthened its market presence by establishing itself as one of the main pension funds and institutional investors in the country—offering a host of banking services like retirement savings plans, pensions and loans for more than four million clients. 

The company’s vision is built on client satisfaction. Since 2017, it has been leading returns for all the funds that manage savings of its clients in the age demographic of under 60 years.1 Profuturo is recognised for having a solid operational structure and corporate governance which ensures implementation of the best investment management practices and continuous integration of innovations that facilitate deeper client interactions. It has managed nearly 16 percent of the total savings that represent the Mexican funds system2 as of July 2020—and has led returns in eight of the 10 generation funds1 which has allowed it to offer an average 9 percent nominal rate3 of return for over a decade—the highest in the system. 

Profuturo ranks high in client service quality indicator 

In the same month, the company even obtained the top position in client service quality indicator created by the Mexican pension regulator in 2013. The indicator4 will help to annually evaluate the attributes of the pension fund managers and assess the quality of customer service. In practice, the indicator uses a methodology based on various variables. These variables are grouped into four global indicators which jointly evaluate the time and quality of pension funds in terms of services, coverage and nationwide presence through office branches and digital customer service channels, number of users that make voluntary savings contributions and services provided by the pension funds to the requests received at the national system website. 

In this regard, it is important to consider Profuturo’s work in implementing several initiatives to facilitate and speed up services since 2019. This includes creation of interactive and personalised advisory videos available in digital channels, installation of self-service modules at branch offices to hasten customer services and disposal of digital tools to facilitate user interaction. 

It demonstrates strong work for clients 

Profuturo has developed a long-term goal to continue strengthening its capabilities, while driving positive transformations that result in better protection and conservation of the environment. Also, it seeks to improve the livelihood of communities globally on the back of becoming a member of the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).

Established in 2006, this initiative comprises six voluntary and aspirational investment principles for the gradual incorporation of environmental, social and governance criteria to investments (ESG). More than 3,000 members worldwide along with a wide body of scientific and documentary evidence conform to the initiative—pointing to the multiple benefits which can be obtained for investment projects and investors participating in them. 

With the gradual integration of ESG factors to an increasing number of investment instruments, Profuturo will continue to consolidate its competitive position, increase the positive impact of investments and generate stable returns for clients in the future. In addition to these actions, the company is deeply focused on strengthening its investment management process, studying new market opportunities and building up a sophisticated team to maximise the returns of its investment portfolio. In a nutshell, Profuturo explores new possibilities to obtain the best long-term investment returns for clients. 

Renowned for its pension funds in Mexico 

Profuturo is awarded the Best Pension Fund Mexico for the second consecutive year by International Finance, a premium business magazine published out of London. Arturo García Rodríguez, CEO of Profuturo, said “We are greatly honored to receive for a second consecutive year this important award to the Best Pension Fund, granted by International Finance. For us, this acknowledgement is the result of our continued effort to become the company that obtains the highest benefits for Mexicans, which allow them to attain a better future and a better pension. Likewise, this award encourages us to maintain our long-term commitment with the economic development of Mexico and of all the sectors in which we support projects with our investments.” 

The award is a testament to the company’s leadership position and capabilities in the Mexican funds market. The achievement took place under extraordinary circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic, further asserting Profuturo’s long-term efforts in delivering solid investment returns. 

1.Important: To register or change  of a Pension Manager you must take into account the Net Performance Indicator.The resources in your Individual Account are yours. Find out at  
IRN SB60-64 a SBlnicial, july 2020, CONSAR

2.Resources administered, july 2020,  

3.Average nominal return. First quarter 2020,


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