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The ‘Profuturo Way’ of securing Mexicans’ post-retirement life

Profuturo promotes the use of the 'Profuturo Móvil App' to perform various retirement planning actions like checking balances, deposits, withdrawals, and updating data

Established in 1996, Mexico-based Profuturo Group has dedicated itself to offering its Mexican customers retirement and pension fund services.

“We provide security and advice to guarantee that our client’s future is always the best possible,” stated the leading Mexican financial advising and retirement fund management venture, which received the honour of being the ‘Best Pension Fund Manager’ for the fifth consecutive year by the International Finance Awards.

“This recognition evidences Profuturo’s commitment to the protection of the Mexican population’s resources, helping Mexican workers to increase their savings for retirement, thereby promoting the development of the country,” Profuturo said.

“The company maintains this long-term objective by offering professional advising services to its more than seven million customers. This extensive client base has been developed as a result of Profuturo’s customer-centred approach and a solid operational structure that ensures the implementation of investment management best practices,” it added further.

Profuturo’s IF award confirms its successful investment strategy, resulting in one billion pesos (MXN) managed across its three business lines.

Rising to the top with top-notch services

Profuturo also chaired Amafore’s Investment Committee for three years, promoting regulatory improvements and closer ties with authorities for the benefit of the investment system.

“A fundamental component of Profuturo’s success is its customer service model, which has been strengthened in recent years through the company’s client listening and sentiment programs, which allow it to obtain feedback on its processes, correct these, and show continuous improvement,” the venture told the International Finance.

Profuturo has also strengthened its client advising and communication programs by relying on behavioural economics theories that prompt the company to take proactive actions and improve its future prospects.

The soundness of the above practice has been evidenced by Profuturo’s retirement advising programs, through which the workers are now supported in three fundamental ways: helping them to understand their current situation with respect to their retirement, raising their awareness of the importance of establishing a future vision, and equipping them with the technical and administrative knowledge before they start the pension withdrawal process.

In order to provide its clients with financial knowledge and skills, the company has developed the Profuturo Asesora platform, a microsite focused in raising awareness about the importance of taking personal savings-related actions.

Profuturo’s monthly digital communication program (Digital Advising or Asesoría Digital) has over two million subscribed clients. Each month, these individuals receive their balance as well as financial education materials.

The company promotes the use of the ‘Profuturo Movil App’ to perform various retirement planning actions like checking balances, deposits, withdrawals, and updating data. The app even allows customers to make unemployment withdrawals.

IFM-Arthura Garcia Rodrirugez

Profuturo CEO, Arturo Garcia Rodriguez, told the business publication, “We are certain that this award stems from the effort and dedication of all Profuturo employees, who strive day after day to provide top-level service to all our clients, with the sole objective of providing a decent pension and a better future.”

“We are proud to be recognized by International Finance for the fifth consecutive year, thus demonstrating our commitment to the future of all Mexicans and the development of the country. This award assures us that we are on the right track, and it encourages us to continue to implement best practices for the benefit of our clients and our beloved country,” Arturo concluded.

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