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Unicapital Investment Company OJSC: A trailblazer in Azerbaijan’s Financial Market

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Unicapital Investment Company OJSC specializes in professional services for securities placement, also known as underwriting

Unicapital Investment Company OJSC, a two-time recipient of the prestigious “Best Investment Company of the Year” award, stands as a true pioneer in the domestic financial market, delivering innovative solutions that align with cutting-edge global trends, and paving the way for even brighter and promising future.

Unicapital Investment Company OJSC stands at the forefront of Azerbaijan’s investment landscape, empowering seamless trading across both domestic and global capital markets. Boasting an impressive clientele of over 700,000 and backed by Unibank CB OJSC, the company has been a trusted professional participant in the fund market since 2007 and proudly holds the title of the longest-standing member of the esteemed Baku Stock Exchange (BSE).

Unicapital offers a wide range of opportunities for investors, including trading in global currency markets, investing in domestic and foreign shares, underwriting, buying and selling bonds, and investing in the domestic market. In addition, it provides a valuable “trading school” education program that offers students extensive knowledge of financial trading. With Unicapital, the possibilities are limitless.

Unicapital specializes in professional services for securities placement, also known as underwriting. They have recently acted as an underwriter for several reputable companies, including Unibank OJSC, AccessBank OJSC, MAX LLC, Ferrum Capital OJSC, and MJ FS BOKT OJSC. Its success rate for placing securities on the stock exchange is 100%.

A sign of the company’s innovative progress is its vast customer service coverage via two trading platforms: UForex MT4 and UTrader.

UTrader is the first unified trading platform in Azerbaijani that enables customers to invest online in over 20 markets, with access to 20,000+ instruments. With UTrader, users can easily invest in shares of popular brands like Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, and Nike and earn additional income.

Unicapital has recently introduced a new investment feature within the mobile banking application Leobank, aimed at supporting the growth of digital banking in Azerbaijan.

While on UForex, it is possible to trade in over 100 financial instruments, including currencies, precious metals, indices and commodities.

Today, the number of employees in the company, which is growing positively, has increased by 40% compared to previous years.

Unicapital has achieved noteworthy success in recent years, receiving recognition for its innovative financial services. Notable accolades include being named “Azerbaijan’s Most Innovative Financial Organization – 2021,” “Best Brokerage Service Organization in Azerbaijan – 2021,” and “Azerbaijan’s Best Investment Company – 2020” by the International Finance. Recently, Cbonds CIS recognized Unicapital as the “Best Investment Bank of Azerbaijan – 2023”.

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