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Untapped Global and Paga partner to make digital payments seamless in Nigeria

The partnership focuses to empower small businesses to accept digitised payment

Untapped Global, an investment company focused on emerging markets, has partnered with Paga, the mobile payment and financial services company to help empower small businesses in Nigeria to accept digital payments, according to media reports. The partnership also aims to decentralise digital payments and financial services across Nigeria which is expected to boost productivity.

This partnership will also make handheld POS terminals and other digital equipment needed by merchants a lot more affordable and accessible. It is also expected to reduce the cost of acquisition and make it easy for them to buy, sell, and get paid.

Tayo Oviosu, founder and CEO of Paga Group told the media, “We have built the best on-ramps and off-ramps for cash in Nigeria through the Paga agent network and are further digitising merchants via our new merchant platform, Doroki. Across our ecosystem, we currently have over 33,000 merchants. Our collaboration with Untapped is accelerating our progress to reaching 120,000 merchants in the next two years by lowering the startup and onboarding costs for merchants.”

Another initiative of the Untapped Global also includes Smart Asset Financing, an innovative investment model focused on providing fixed capitals for fast-growing enterprises like Paga. Commenting on the partnership, Jim Chu, founder and CEO at Untapped said the network of the POS devices through this partnership is quite powerful. He also added that the partnership will lead to a seamless way for merchants and their customers to carry out financial transactions.

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