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Gamestream deal: Etisalat to stream video games from premier publishers

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The UAE telecom operator aims to be the dominant player in eSports and video gaming

The UAE’s largest telecom carrier Etisalat, will stream games from premium cloud game publishers such as THQ Nordic, Disney and Codemasters to eLife subscribers in the UAE. This move follows its partnership with French white label gaming service Gamestream, according to a press release.

With the basic package, users can access 20 games a month for 30 dirhams. Etisalat plans to make single games available for rent at 15 to 20 dirhams for 48 hours later in the year.

The company is targeting the casual gaming market that likes to access games through larger screens as well as mobile. Its aim is to become the dominant player in the eSports and video gaming segment in the UAE.

As far as Gamestream of France is concerned, the partnership with Etisalat allows it to turbocharge its strategy of worldwide deployment of white-label video games in partnership with premier telecom partners. Streamed video games now make up close to 50% of all games sold worldwide.

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