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Oman SATS LLC’s ‘Webtrack Plus’: The game changer in cargo industry

IFM_Oman SATS LLC Webtrack Plus
‘Webtrack Plus’ allows its customers to complete transactions from any part of the world

Oman SATS LLC recently won the award of ‘Most Innovative Cargo Handling’ at the International Finance Awards 2022. When it comes to Oman SATS LLC, innovation has always been the key aspect of importance for the organization and now they have stepped up their innovation game further by launching the website ‘Webtrack Plus’.

The most promising aspect of ‘Webtrack Plus’ is that it will assist customers to perform transaction-related activities from the Muscat International Airport as per the latters’ operational needs.

Oman SATS, which is also the exclusive cargo handler of the country’s national carriers, Oman Air and Salam Air, believes in core values such as customer focus, excellence and innovation, integrity, respect and accountability, people and collaboration, and safety and security. These principles have guided the company towards success over the years and in 2023, its shipment game receives a major upgrade with the launch of ‘Webtrack Plus’, with features like transaction for shipments from anywhere through credit card and pre-deposit payment modes, thus effectively eliminating the need to physically visit payment counters at the cargo terminal of the Muscat International Airport.

How ‘Webtrack Plus’ Works?

The entire documentation process for shipping transactions is paperless, as it works on the mechanisms of sending invoices via email and optional document delivery, thus ensuring a greener environment by reducing paper usage.

Freight forwarders, customs brokers, shippers and consignees frequently visiting the Muscat Airport’s cargo terminal for transactional purposes can now register themselves at ‘Webtrack Plus’. They can get the registration form either via mail/phone call. The payment can be done through credit card/pre-deposit accounts. This pre-deposit account can be recharged 24/7 as well on ‘Webtrack Plus’ sans manual intervention.

The ‘Pre-Deposit Account’, which works on cashless and cardless principles, is basically a pre-paid one which offers a safe and secure payment mode to the Oman SATS LLC customers. Customers can transfer funds from their bank to ‘Transom Sats Cargo’, which will immediately be credited to the Customer’s account. Pre-deposit account holders also get the benefit of getting monthly online transaction statements and downloading invoices at their convenience.

‘Webtrack Plus’ also allows its customers to complete transactions from any part of the world. The users, with the help of their own credentials like login ids and passwords, can check into the website and get the transactions done. Card payment will be enabled for payment of the handling/documents charges, following which these customers will be assigned a clearing agent, apart from initiating requests for product examination and deliveries.

The users can also do functions like console AWB release, updating shippers’ letter of instruction, along with other documents such as cargo acceptance forms, before making the payments. They will also get desktop notifications, apart from being provided with the option of downloading delivery statements/invoices. In addition, they can track and trace their cargo.

Oman SATS have also introduced tablets in operations, in order to let go of the old school approach of doing data entry with papers and PCs. The staffers can also update the shipment status on a real-time basis, while using these tablets, thus fast-tracking the shipments of perishable items like medicines and food. As the delivery status gets updated periodically, customers too get notifications on their shipment delivery situations via mobile apps.

Oman SATS CEO Mr. Siang Tang Tan, who got won the award for the ‘Best CEO – Air Cargo Handling – Oman 2022′ by International Finance, has been promoting the company’s core values like customer focus, excellence and innovation, integrity, respect and accountability.

Staying true to its purpose, the company has taken the cargo shipping sector by storm with its ‘Webtrack Plus’. It now presents a business model, where mundane operations like data entry can be done with just a few clicks on tablets, instead of bogging down professionals with too many papers and PCs. At the same time, their responsive website is ensuring that the customers won’t have to visit airport cargo terminals to get the payments done, apart from getting timely notifications on the shipment delivery statuses. This has created a positive vibe for both the company and its customers, thus helping the Oman SATS to reign supreme on the trust front, apart from staying motivated to live up to its mission of serving the industry and the Sultanate of Oman.

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