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Nigerian logistics company GIGL expands digitally

GIG Logistics app
Through the app, the company plans to expand its business in the digital space

GIG Logistics (GIGL), a subsidiary of GIG Group has launched the ‘first-of-its-kind’ delivery service app in Nigeria.

The app, which is called GIGGO, will provide the facility for Nigerians to ship their items to different locations. The shipment will be picked up by a rider and will be delivered to the selected location and within a short period of time. The app also provides the facility to track the shipment through the app, when it is in transition.

Through the launch of the GIGGO app, GIG Logistics plans to expand its business in the digital space by reaching out to the tech-savvy Nigerians.

With regard to the launch of the app, GIG Logistics Chief Operations Officer, Ayodele Adenaike told the media, “The app will make it easier for customers and merchants to conveniently make a request in the comfort of their homes and offices. It works like a normal or­der app, just like Uber. “

He added, “As a result of the fact that the organisation is expanding, there is a need to make a lot of investment, which is not readily available, so we decided to use technology. The app gives us access to resources that we don’t have to support our operations and to make deliveries faster.”

GIG Logistics, which is Nigeria’s largest logistics company, started its operations in Ghana earlier this year.

However, in Ghana, GIGC Logistics’s primary focus will be on the fast-growing ecommerce sector in the country.

The logistics company also launched a digital hub in Gbagada, along the Apapa-Oworonshoki expressway. GIGC Logistics also maintains a hub in Houston, Texas.

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