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Company Profile Magazine September - October 2018

Bupa Arabia’s illustrious 20-year journey in Saudi Arabia

The company aims to retain its position as a major insurance services provider in the market

Saudi Arabia’s insurance company Bupa Arabia has completed two decades in the market, signifying its strong foothold in the country’s insurance arena.

Following its participation at the International Finance Magazine award ceremony in Dubai, Bupa Arabia was also inaugurated as “Top Insurance Company of the Year in the Kingdom” and “Best Investors Relations Company” in the insurance Industry. The event gathered several known executives and businessmen in the insurance and banking field.

Tal Nazer, chief executive officer at Bupa Arabia, said, “Our presence represents a major achievement in recognition of our leading role in the health insurance sector and our efforts to cater to the demands of our customers in the Kingdom through the past 20 years. Winning these awards is a strong incentive for us to give more to our members and investors. We give special attention to our investors inside and outside the Kingdom which helped increase our portfolio of stakeholders.”

Starting in 1997, Nazer Group and global insurance leader Bupa Global put their hands together to start Bupa Arabia. Through this strategic partnership, a successful healthcare journey took place serving members from diverse fields & sectors. As part of its efforts to be closer to its members, Bupa Arabia has developed many services & solutions to ensure the best health care services are presented.

In addition to health benefits of medical coverage, Bupa Arabia ensures that its members receive the best levels of healthcare through its innovative services & timeless medical approvals.

Bupa Arabia also leads with its premier Tebtom service that has several facilities including home-vaccinations & medical tests. It also includes Telemedicine, a program that capitalizes on global expertise and several programs that ensure the comfort of its member’s in hospitals such as Rahatkom.

In 2008, 40% of the company shares were offered to the Saudi public in the most successful IPO ever to take place for a health insurance company in the Kingdom. The initial offering was covered by more than 900%.

After the successful offering, Bupa Arabia continues working on steady steps with a clear vision to become one of the most successful health insurance companies in the Kingdom. Bupa Arabia also builds on the initial expertise of Bupa Global that has over 1.2 million healthcare centers in 190 countries and has an experience that extends for over 70 years.

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