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Department of Finance Ajman: Building an open, competitive economy

The award-winning department is at the forefront of deploying intelligent financial systems in the UAE

Abdullah Al Ali, Director General for development, financial planning and budget at the Department of Finance of Ajman speaks about the award-winning performance of the department, the progress of smart transformation, the deployment of industry 4.0 platforms, and the work culture of the department.

International Finance: To start with, could you please brief us about the foundation of the work in your esteemed department?

H E Marwan Ahmed Abdullah Al Ali:  Based on the directives of the Chairman His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, we at the Department of Finance in Ajman seek to create a professional and distinguished work environment in the Department of Finance.

The Department of Finance, which was established in Ajman in 2010, is the competent authority in the government of the emirate of Ajman to manage all financial affairs by building financial systems in accordance with the best practices and international standards in this field.

Our goal is to direct the financial resources of Ajman to achieve outstanding government performance, based on our responsibilities and regardless of our positions, by developing a financial system that supports the development of Ajman and provides prosperity and welfare to the citizens while contributing to the development of our beloved country and raising the prosperity levels of the future generations.

What are the functions within the purview of the department and what are the  tasks assigned to the Department of Finance, Ajman?

The Department performs various tasks, the most important of which are preparing draft laws and local decrees related to financial affairs. It supervises their implementation by government departments of the emirate, conducts periodic reviews of all local legislation related to applied financial affairs, and submits recommendations to the relevant authorities to update them.

The Department of Finance prepares a draft general budget for the government of the emirate in cooperation and coordination with all government departments, and takes the necessary measures for its approval in accordance with the Unified Financial System for the government of the emirate. It also supervises its implementation, monitors the spending from it after its approval, prepares a draft annual general final account of the government in cooperation and coordination with all government departments and manages the procedures necessary for its approval in accordance with the unified financial system of the emirate’s government.

The department also prepares financial and consolidated periodic statements and reports for the government of Ajman within the dates specified under the unified financial system. It regulates and reviews government accounting rules, issues instructions necessary for their application by government departments, monitors their implementation, supervises bank accounts of the government departments, manages the general reserve account, oversees public revenue for the government of the emirate and monitors revenue collection.

In addition, the department provides consultation and technical support to various government departments and reviews agreements that the government of the emirate or one of the governmental departments is a party to, to ensure  compliance and protect them from any legal risks. The department also prepares and reviews economic feasibility studies for government projects, conducts research and financial studies and represent emirate’s government at conferences and committees related to financial governance.

Since you took over the management of the institutional work in the department, what has been your vision for the work of the department?

We believe in hard work to achieve the goals of the Ajman government’s strategic vision to create a sophisticated work environment that supports the sustainable development of an open, green and globally competitive economy.  On this basis, Ajman Department of Finance is working to lay the basic pillars to achieve this vision as the financial arm of the government that creates the financial resources for the projects. Our goal is to achieve the best results according to the standard criteria for distinguished government performance.

How does your vision at work relate to the of Ajman’s Vision 2021?

The Department of Finance in Ajman is working on setting the basic pillars to achieve Ajman Vision 2021. As the financial arm of the government we are  working to create sustainable financial resources. Our vision is to start employing the basic pillars in the projects to achieve the best results according to global standards for distinguished government performance. On this basis, we in the  Department of Finance believe in working hard to achieve the strategic goals of Ajman Vision 2021 by creating an advanced work environment that supports the sustainable development of an open, green and globally competitive economy.

How does the Department of Finance seek to enhance its strategic partnerships?

Our work at the level of the Department of Finance in Ajman is based on a pioneering government financial system at the level of the local government and we are working to enhance its competitiveness, through efficient management and development of financial resources leveraging financial policies and legislations and innovative systems with a qualified cadre and effective partnerships.

The Department of Finance spares no effort to support all projects and development initiatives in various fields that broadly offer support to investors and businessmen, and links financial planning with strategic planning affirming the permanent objective of the Department of Finance to deploy the  best practices in the field of public finance. This is done by strengthening strategic companies and strengthening relations with partners and customers by providing an attractive environment that supports investors.

What is the progress of the smart transformation programme?

The Department of Finance is steadily progressing toward completing the smart transformation in all its services, and applying the vision of the Government of Ajman to move towards a fully intelligent governance model by December 2021, based on the wise guidance and close monitoring of Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Executive Council His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, and his directives that call for facilitating business through adopting innovation and techniques of the fourth industrial revolution.

We plan to use this as a platform to serve the business community, to enhance business competitiveness, and the role of business in the economic development of the emirate by taking advantage of the supporting environment.  The department’s current initiatives reflect our continuing innovation and creativity in the service of customers, partners, and businessmen.

You recently won the award for ‘best director general for development, financial planning and budgets.’ What is your comment on this?

I would like to point out at the outset that any success in the institutional work is mainly due to the unity and team spirit among the best, competent national cadres in the various departments of the Department of Finance. Here hard work, continuous development, and exchange of expertise makes each individual able to provide and add value and guarantee business sustainability.  This award is a motivation for further efforts and contributions in this regard.

Ajman Department of Finance won the award for best financial planning in a government department, how do you see this award?

The sincere directives of Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, may God protect and preserve him, and close monitoring and great support from Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Executive Council His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi paved the way to win this award.

This award highlights our contributions to realise Ajman Vision 2021, by enhancing financial planning processes at the Government of Ajman and developing them within a framework that guarantees development, by linking the financial plan to the strategic plan of the Ajman government, to achieve government strategic goals as well as solvency and financial sustainability. In addition, it shows our keenness to involve the central authorities in financial planning to ensure the highest levels of governance and transparency.

What does this award add to your track record?

This award adds to the pioneering track record of the Government of Ajman in particular, and its various institutions, and the UAE in general, as it contributes to enhancing the image of the emirate in terms of global competitiveness. It positively reflects on the institutional performance and services provided by the department, in accordance with the global best practices.  The international awards won by any government agency in the United Arab Emirates is the fruit of implementing good leadership directives, and the continuous follow-up of the implementation processes.



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