The seminar arranged by Meezan Bank largely focused on providing wide-range of learning opportunities to the academia and general public. This will be done through expansion of Islamic banking knowledge and system.

Shariah Research Scholar at Meezan Bank Mufti Muaz Ashraf Usmani honored the event as its keynote speaker. He addressed the audience gathered at the event stating the concepts and application of modern day Islamic banking. Additionally, he also clarified the existing misconceptions about Islamic banking.

More than 150 participants attended the seminar including heads of various departments, faculty members and students from different educational backgrounds. Other delegates present at the event were Chaudhry Asif Javed, Area Manager, Mohsin Masood, Branch Manager, Huzaifa Umer, Regional Shariah Coordinator and Muhammad Khalid, Area Sales Manager from Meezan Bank, reported Pakistan Observer.

Meezan Bank has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance. The MoU aims to strengthen the role of Islamic Finance on various levels through strong collaborations.