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Swedish company has patented a technology for e-clinics in India

The e-clinics will give 24-hour access to doctors and medical healthcare for people in rural India through their smartphones

Swedish resident Ashutosh Tiwari, an IT entrepreneur and technocrat within smart systems and technologies founded the VBRI Group, which has patented an eclinics technology in India, in the 3rd stages of field trial.

The use of smartphones in India has exploded in the last couple of years and will continue to increase, that makes it possible to develop and reach people with services like this. The need for simpler medical assistance is big in rural areas and if that can be managed online, many lives will be saved, says Ashutosh Tiwari, founder of VBRI Group and IAAM.

Especially innovation and technology for smart devices to handle key challenges in medical, security, energy supply and environmental issues realised by the integration of artificial intelligence and smart strategies. Ashutosh is  passionate to build smart rural infrastructure to solve daily problems and come up with technology-based concepts that could contribute more to sustainable lifestyles—with the motto to provide innovative technological solutions for the empowerment of societies. He built his company VBRI Group and the non-profit organisation IAAM (International Association of Advanced Materials).

“I am driven by developing services and tools that can make better for all humanity, and this project with eclinics will reduce medical issues in rural India for millions of people and make their lives much better,” he added.

VBRI Group is focusing on innovation and research within the tech and health sectors. IAAM provides research and education forums for the advancement of materials to global excellence. By “Knowledge Experience at Sea”, IAAM provides an international transdisciplinary platform for students, researchers and professionals from academia and industry. On the 24–27 of March 2019, their silver jubilee congress assembly is taking place in the conference centre on Viking Line M/S Mariella, sailing from Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland. The congress will bring insight on the new developments in the fields of advanced functional materials as well as spectroscopy and electrochemistry research and innovations in important areas like wearable IoT´s, microbatteries and nano-water filters.

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