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Islamic funds are not just an alternative

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Their success is turning them into a source of competition for the conventional funds industry Camille Paldi September 22, 2015: More than 750 Islamic Investment Funds have been established around the world with assets under management (“AUM”) totaling approximately $60 billion compared to 70,000 conventional funds with AUM of $19trillion.  Currently, a wide variety of...
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Non-banking financial companies leading the way in India

An update on the status of Islamic finance in India Camille Paldi April 22, 2016: India is a continent full of entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, IT practitioners, bankers, finance professionals and more, and is projected to become one of the two largest economies alongside China in this century. Although operating in a caste system with a...
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Oman’s appetite for Islamic finance products is growing

Islamic banking assets in the Gulf nation are projected to reach 10% of total banking assets by 2018 Camille Paldi March 31, 2016: In the Oman Vision 2020 framework issued by the government, the country proclaimed that it is determined to reduce its dependency on oil revenues through diversification of the economy. Al Maha Financial...
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The treatment of qard in takaful

The operator plays an important role that the management of a conventional mutual does not in the event of a periodic deficit Camille Paldi November 5, 2015: Takaful or Islamic insurance is a booming industry around the world. In fact, many Western insurance companies already engage in the takaful business in the Middle East and...