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Saudi Arabia mulling over income tax on expats

However, economists do not think the plan will see the light of the day Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya July 15, 2016: With an eye on increasing its non-oil revenue, Saudi Arabia is considering a plan to tax millions of expats residing in the Kingdom. The proposal was included in the country’s National Transformation Plan (NTP), an...

Rainbow Nation’s energy sector is getting greener

Since the 2008 energy crisis, South Africa has been trying to reduce dependency on coal Miriam Mannak October 3, 2014: Africa’s second largest economy is a land of abundance, boasting vast reserves of coal, platinum, and gold. The country’s natural wealth isn’t, however, confined to the depths below the earth’s surface. She is also blessed...

Five interesting FinTech start-ups to watch for

For some companies, the financial crisis of 2008 proved to be a boon Jaya Smitha Menon August 18, 2014: The financial crisis of 2008 caused much misery to the sector, but for the FinTech startup community, it proved to be quite fertile. The need for changing old business models and bringinginnovation has bridged the gap...