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Decoupling Eurozone and US interest rates using unconventional monetary policy

In continental Europe, interest rates tend to swing with their US and UK counterparts only up to 2013 Benoit Mojon Interest rates tend to move together. In Figure 1, we report interest rates on Treasury bonds of five-year maturity for the Eurozone member states that have the best ratings, and for the US, the UK,...
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‘2017 will be a year of volatility, and that offer opportunities’

CAMRADATA Global Investment has collated the top 10 global investment trends with feedback from its asset management clients January 12, 2017: CAMRADATA, a leading provider of data and analysis for institutional investors, has collated the top 10 global investment trends for 2017 from a range of its asset management clients. Sean Thompson, Managing Director, CAMRADATA...

Doubts on Greek deal remain

The government doesn’t share the ideological underpinnings of the requested austerity measures Peter Vanden Houte August 14, 2015: It seems as if a deal on a third bail-out package (€86 bn over the next three years) between the Greek government and representatives from the IMF, the European Commission, the ECB and the ESM has been...

ECB’s quantitative easing: Blessing or curse?

TeleTrade believes that the decision will delay economic reforms by Eurozone members February 3, 2015: The European Central Bank (ECB) on January 22 said that it will expand its asset purchase programme to €60 billion a month starting from March 2015 until September 2016. In aggregate, the asset purchasing programme will be over €1.1 trillion....

CHF freed, SNB caps losses

Mario Singh But,what next for the Swiss franc and the country’s economy January 22, 2015: On January 15, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) shocked the capital markets by unexpectedly removing the EUR/CHF peg set at 1.20. The move caught many offguard and sent the Swiss Franc (CHF) into the stratosphere, rising about 40% in a...
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Spike in interest rates could hamper Islamic finance

Base rates are at record lows in Europe with the Bank of England having held its rate at 0.5% for five years now Tim Evershed November 26, 2014: A spike in European interest rates could pose a serious challenge to the growth of Islamic finance across the EU. Base rates of interest are at record...

Eurozone: What recovery?

Disappointing GDP data highlight a lack of improvement in the economy, but the ECB is likely to ignore calls for action as it continues to evaluate policies already enacted August 18, 2014: According to Eurostat’s flash estimate, Eurozone GDP showed 0.0% growth in the second quarter, down from 0.2% in the first quarter. The figure...

Portuguese economy surprises with good performance

However, recovery is probably going to remain weak because its biggest hope were exports, but it is hard to see how, with the Eurozone slowing down Contrary to its big Eurozone peers, the Portuguese economy performed well in the second quarter. Real GDP grew by 0.6% quarter-on-quarter, bouncing back from the 0.6% contraction witnessed in...

What can the eurozone do to combat the risk of a liquidity cliff?

Marie-Pierre Ripert, economist at Natixis With the end of the ECB’s repayment programmes approaching there could be significant repercussions on those euro-area banks still reliant on this form of liquidity provision. Marie-Pierre Ripert, economist at Natixis, explores the options available to avoid the “liquidity cliff” As European banks have repaid more than half the existing...