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Future of payments & billing: How hyper bill is shaping online payment in KSA

IFM Correspondent
The world is going cashless. While the transition towards a less-cash dominant marketplace was in the works for some time now, the last two years saw a giant leap towards that direction. This was largely driven by COVID-19 and the multiple subsequent pandemic-induced lockdowns. Thanks to this change, now all of a sudden, it makes...
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Revolutionising E-Invoicing: Blockchain, RPA and AI are at the ready

International Finance Desk
Various national government initiatives, mandating E-Invoicing and real-time tax controls, pose a big challenge for many corporates within their future digitisation strategy...
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E-invoicing is the way forward

What Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill means for UK’s public sector Stephen Carter Augudt 25, 2015: Everyone has a stake in the efficiency of local and central government, we all pay taxes. And I for one, dislike paying for someone to process paper invoices. Especially, as there is a better and simpler way of...