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Banking Magazine May - June 2018

Why security can be the game changer for Europe’s retail banks

International Finance
With PSD2 and GDPR coming into play, Europe’s retail banking sector faces interesting times. VASCO security expert Frederik Mennes believes the future of banking can be redefined with technology and advanced security protocols...
In the News Magazine May - June 2018

How #deletefacebook watered brand equity

International Finance
It has been a dramatic month for Facebook. Revelations made by Cambridge Analytica’s former research director did significant damage to Facebook’s brand value, with serious questions being raised on data monetisation techniques and lack of user privacy...
coverstory Magazine May - June 2018

GDPR is here – how will this change the way businesses run?

International Finance
With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses have strong policies in place to avoid scrutiny and fines. Lawyer Karen Holden, founder of A City Law Firm explains how businesses can comply to the new rule...