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Next US president may have to deal with recession

WSJ survey reveals odds of a recession within next 12 months is about 21% IFM Correspondent October 24, 2016: Only a few weeks is left before the US chooses its 45th president. Historically, every US president elected till date has faced a recession or a recession-like scenario. A Wall Street Journal survey in June of...

Flying through the eye of a storm

Expect UK to enter technical recession between second half of 2016 and first half of 2017 Jaspreet Sehmi August 2, 2016: In its first set of projections published since the UK voted to leave the EU, the IMF has downgraded its forecasts for global, eurozone and UK growth. In addition, the Fund says that the...

Italy is back in technical recession

Istat indicated that domestic demand was growth neutral, whilst net exports were a drag on growth August 6, 2014: Istat just released its flash GDP estimate, signaling that in 2Q14 the Italian economy fell back into technical recession. According to Istat, the Italian GDP contracted 0.2% QoQ (from -0.1% QoQ in 1Q14) and 0.3% YoY....

UK output finally exceeds pre-recession levels

ING believes that BoE will end up tightening monetary policy sooner rather than later July 25, 2014: UK 2Q14 GDP growth has come in at 0.8%QoQ or 3.1% YoY, in line with market expectations. This is the fastest rate of annual GDP growth since 4Q 2007 and means that the UK economy has finally regained...

Phillips Curve Model

Phillips observed that one stable curve represents the trade-off between inflation and unemployment and they are inversely related. In other words, if unemployment decreases, inflation will increase and vice versa. 16th October 2013 The Phillips curve suggests there is an inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment, it is an ideal guide for policy makers (central...