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Blind app seeks transparency in the workplace

The app is an anonymous employee forum that encourages open discussion on complex matters at work

The parent company TeamBlind launched an anonymous community app called Blind, which connects employees of various global tech companies including Amazon, Uber, Apple, Google and others.

The objective is to empower employees and create a platform that allows them to share complex experiences such as workplace harassment, compensation, corporate policies and much more.

TeamBlind launched the app in South Korea in 2014. The concept was inspired and formed after employees at Naver Corporation used an internal message board.

The growing challenges in workplace culture has pressured employees to a large extent that it necessitates a medium to voice opinions and take a stand. The platform is safe and anonymous; and allows employees to seek honest advice from peers and leaders in the business.

Kyle McCarthy, head of marketing at Blind told CNN, “If we see something that is sexist, sexual harassment, racist, homophobic, discriminatory in some way, hate speech, revealing company secrets, trolling or bullying, invasion of privacy, such as posting someone’s phone number, spam, or irrelevant to the topic, we can take down that content—whether it has been flagged by the community or not.”

Blind is powered by a team of former leaders, associates, managers, and interns driven to ensure transparency on relevant matters that strengthen the workplace.

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