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London ranks #1 among all of Europe’s startup cities

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The UK will possibly receive US$460bn from its startup domain in the next 2-3 years

Easy Offices, one of the foremost UK companies that offers office rental services   in the country, has recently released an outlook about the country’s mounting startup empire, reported a UK business newspaper, Business Daily.

The report states that London is the pioneer in Europe’s startup economy, leaving behind Paris, Milan, and Berlin. Despite the Brexit turmoil, London’s startup businesses remained unaffected and last year, the capital of England generated a total investment of £5.3bn from its startups.

The city has the most expensive startups and also budget-friendly co-working spaces. When it comes to offering apposite conditions to work, its not only London, but the whole of the UK caters the perfect space for commercial growth in the startup space.

Judging the current encouraging growth, it has been estimated in the next two-three years the UK economy will receive a financial boost of US$460bn from its startups.

Sales Director of Easy Offices, Andrew Hogan said: “Our research shows that the UK startup scene at the start of 2018 is performing very strongly indeed. With 2017 a year of record investment, it is with huge excitement that we await news on how these companies perform in the year ahead.”

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