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Trustology partners with GCEX to build secure liquidity network

Trustology GCEX
The proposed liquidity network will be backed by custody for digital asset trading among high-net worth individuals, brokers and investors

UK-based Trustology has established a partnership with FCA-regulated OTC broker GCEX to build a secure liquidity network, media reports said. Trustology is focused on building solutions to protect crypto assets.

The proposed liquidity network will be backed by custody for digital asset trading among clients such as high-net worth individuals, brokers and investors.

Alex Batlin, CEO and founder of Trustology, told the media, “We’re delighted GCEX selected Trustology as their custody provider. We’re looking forward to helping GCEX support their institutional investors across the entire spectrum of the crypto industry, be that safekeeping assets, transacting on-chain, on-exchange, facilitating settlement or when using DeFi protocols. Excitingly, this also opens up broker access to DeFi liquidity and loans, where Trustology can help them navigate DeFi lending and staking platforms to maximise their earnings potential and capitalise on profits in their brokerage accounts, often removed due to fear of counterparty risk.”

In February, the company partnered with machine learning company Vectorspace AI to push easy transactions on TrustVault. That said, TrustVault seeks to provide buyers with security assurance and ease while purchasing tokens, according to media reports.

Trustology was established in 2017 in London to accelerate the adoption of crypto assets on a global level.

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