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Transportation sector 2023: Five trends to look out for

Commercial and public transportation companies must be informed of recent laws and regulations introduced, modified, or eliminated by local, state, or federal governments

Use Of Cloud-Based Systems
The adoption of cloud-based systems is one of the significant developments in the transportation sector since these platforms require a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which offers businesses limitless potential for scalability and creative use of digital resources.

It enables achieving more profitability and outperforming the typical returns of on-premise systems. All business operations, including sales and marketing, finance, legal, and more, benefit from SaaS support’s introduction of efficiency and cost reductions.

Frictionless, Integrated Travel
The rise of mobility-as-a-service is the primary indicator of the need to make travel more convenient and hassle-free (MaaS). But this one significant drift toward integrated travel and transportation is the outcome of several essential transportation trends in the sector coming together and aiming for few stoppages or checks.

The smaller trends include infrastructure optimization, constructing platforms for ticketless travel, creating mobility hubs for multimodal transportation, and introducing innovations in last-mile connectivity and micro-mobility.

Visibility & GPS Anti-Theft
The adoption of tracking technologies and their adaptation for improved traceability are among the primary driving trends in the transportation industry this year as E-Commerce, retail, and logistic organizations increasingly focus on increased visibility. For example, Anti-Theft GPS is a way to get the positions of entire fleets and individual goods while in motion. Additional security measures will also assist in preventing general losses.

Autonomous Trucks
Self-driving truck technology is still being developed. It must overcome several challenges, such as enhancing driverless software to enable it to operate well on urban roads with heavy traffic. But it’s one of the upcoming trends in transportation. Long-term, transportation companies should start outfitting their trucks with self-navigating management systems that can “learn” from actual drivers to be ready for impending technological advances in transportation.

An artificial intelligence-enabled vehicle can accurately assess road conditions and learn from how truck drivers behave under “unusual” situations on the road thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and several sensors. Trucks can exchange newly acquired knowledge with other vehicles via vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, making other cars more intelligent. Additionally, the deployment of self-driving fleets will be accelerated by the proliferation of 5G technology. These machines may eventually outperform human drivers in terms of driving skills.

This future is far nearer than it may seem. The autopilot functions on Tesla’s electric semi-truck can make driving much more accessible. As a result, Walmart and numerous other businesses, including Pepsi, Asko, and Loblaw, announced that they had ordered Tesla Semi vehicles for their business requirements.

Compliance With Regulations
Instead of calling it one of the newest transportation trends, it would be more accurate to argue that regulatory compliance is a need. Commercial and public transportation companies must be informed of recent laws and regulations introduced, modified, or eliminated by local, state, or federal governments. Requirements about electronic logbooks, overtime, or safety procedures are all common examples of timely monitoring regulations.

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