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Grid4C selected as Top Utilities Technology Solution Provider 2018, CIO Review

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Grid4C announced that it has been selected as a top utilities technology solution provider for 2018 by CIO Review Magazine. Grid4C was also selected as the cover story of the magazine’s Energy special edition.

The utilities was selected out of world class vendors due to its advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, demonstrating global success by quickly scaling to analyse billions of smart meter reads and IoT data with utilities on four continents. This is in order to help utilities improve the efficiency of energy operations, enhance customer value, maximise profits, and generate new revenue streams.

“We are glad to announce Grid4C in our annual selection of Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers 2018,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIO Review.

“Grid4C’s selection as a top technology solution provider for utilities by CIO Review is a great honor and another sign of the industry’s recognition of Grid4C’s market-leading AI Machine Learning-based software solutions to tackle both grid-side and consumer-side challenges utilities are facing,” states Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Founder and CEO of Grid4C.

“Grid4C is deployed in a wide range of electricity markets, analysing billions of smart devices’ reads from four continents, producing billions predictions for utilities’ operational and customer systems every day to better balance supply and demand, engage customers and increase profits,” she adds.

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