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Searching for a job? Here is the strategic list for you

When you say you're looking for a job, say in finance, it's hard to get others to help you

There are a lot of moving parts in a job hunt. Finding jobs, completing applications, and sending follow-up letters are just some of them, in order to connect all the dots and seize the opportunity. Cheryl Hyatt, the cofounder of Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search, while interacting with the ‘Fast Company’, advised that one approach his/her job hunt as an ongoing project in which the individual is the project manager rather than risk missing out on a great opportunity.

Strategic lists can assist you in concentrating on the content of your applications and interviews rather than becoming bogged down in pointless details, according to Cheryl Hyatt. The following eight lists will help you monitor your progress and locate your next position.


According to Jill Gugino Panté, director of the Lerner Career Resources Center at the University of Delaware, a list of 10 to 15 possible employers is an excellent place to start.

She explains that this list is crucial as it narrows down and organises one’s job searches. Once you have this list, you can start looking at the available jobs, your LinkedIn connections (or connections from colleges) who work there, the events they’ll be attending, and, most importantly, how you can share this information with your internal networks.

“When you say you’re looking for a job, say in finance, it’s hard to get others to help you, for example. Yet, when you state that you are seeking a career in finance at XYZ company, individuals can already connect you with those people in their networks. If you don’t know where to begin when creating your dream employer list,” Pante remarked, while interacting with the ‘Fast Company’.

Carisa Miklusak, CEO of Tile, an app that connects employers with job seekers, advises looking at organisations ranked as the “Best Companies to Work For” by regional publications. Then, make a list of the top employers you want to put extra effort into pursuing, she advises, and take the time to explore the kinds of businesses you want to work for.


According to Hyatt, there are numerous ways to find positions of interest.

“You need to capture the position to a central list so you can return to it later,” she advises.

“Whether you see a position on LinkedIn, hear about it from a friend, or are contacted by a search firm. Study positions on this list to see whether you’re a good fit for them, and learn as much as you can about the employer to use in your cover letter and resume,” Hyatt stated.


Debora Roland, vice president of human resources for CareerArc, a hiring and outplacement company, advises making a list of all the people you know and interact with personally and professionally.

“Give them an overview of what you do and the position you’re hoping to land,” she advises.

Create a list of the employees at the companies you are interested in on a priority basis, and ask any of your contacts whether they know any of them. By requesting an introduction, you can obtain some traction.

Events For Local Networking

Building relationships with people who can open doors to opportunities or provide guidance and information is one of the best methods to obtain a job, according to Carisa Miklusak.

She also advised choosing two or three networking events from a list of potential ones in your area to attend, as part of your job-hunting efforts. This task also helps to make a brief list of what you intend to accomplish beforehand.

Answers To interviews

Typical interview questions include “explain me about yourself” and “what can you add to our company?”

Make a list of your responses and practise them until you are confident, advises Miklusak.

These are some of the most common icebreakers during interviews, although the CEO of Tile added that they might be challenging to respond to on the spot.

Before participating in a game, athletes practise extensively. Before you swing, practise alone, with friends, and with family, treating yourself like a career athlete.

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