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Want to drive up content traffic? These are the blog styles for you

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There are times when the decision of "what blog type to write" and "how to write it" must be made

Even when there are themes to cover, it can be challenging to pick what kind of blog entries to write about them.

It becomes rather stressful to contemplate what remarkable blog types we may seek to acquire the highest product lead generation when brands are pressured to hook the audience, get them to remain longer, and explore their pitch. Even the finest lead-generating online advisor asks its users to “concentrate on the content.”

There are times when the decision of “what blog type to write” and “how to write it” must be made. You can write eight blog posts for your online business that will bring in more qualified readers and generate the most important leads for companies and authors with “writer’s block.”

Here are some different styles:


For readers looking for information that can be quickly and easily noted at their fingertips, listicles/list-based material is excellent.

Readers enjoy such lists, since they are numbered, crisp, precise and packed with easily consumable and on-point information.

The lists are ideal for sharing any information that can be broken down into smaller chunks based on numbers. While creating listicles, stick to themes relevant to your target audiences and businesses. You can also use ‘Google Trends’ to find out what people’s search preferences are.

Fast-information seekers prefer to read blogs that aren’t broken into lengthy paragraphs and don’t exclude the key headlines. If readers choose not to read the entire article, they can still review the list’s self-explanatory titles.


These days, interview pieces are popular because everyone enjoys learning about influential readers’ achievements, struggles, and journeys.

Plan a genuine interview with a critical figure in your target business sector or a former client, and post the results on your blog. Your audience will start to trust your brand more.

To write such articles, submit interview questions to the persons you want to interview and ask them to respond verbally or in writing. Compose the material you receive after making some minor edits, publish it, and you are done.

The subject you interviewed will too spread the content around to boost their brand value, and this will open a new audience base for you.

To attract the most viewers, you can include a written/video interview or a combination of the two in your blog.


Users enjoy reading online how-to manuals. Your ability to write such content for your audience will demonstrate your authority and relevance in the industry. In addition, as readers learn facts relevant to their difficulties, it will inspire much faith in them.

Because they are divided into steps, how-to books are highly intriguing for readers to read and adapt to the solutions to solve their difficulties.

Such a writing style will contribute to developing a solid brand image and lead generation by allowing you to share your industry expertise and thought leadership.

Apart from writing these how-to articles, you can also produce such content in video format and incorporate them into your blog.


Blogs with FAQs are also trendy, as they make sense to readers looking for concise and direct answers to their questions.

Such blog entries, which include a lengthy list of questions about a specific subject, serve as a guide.

The best thing is that these blogs are always relevant to consumers’ questions.

For each topic, from the simple SEO to the complex finest ‘Lead Generation Advice’, you can choose to develop FAQ-style blogs.

You will be given a lot of preference in Google’s “People Also Ask (PAA)” section if you write such content.

Case Studies

Writing case studies is simple and great for generating leads and providing social proof.

Case studies are self-contained, reality-based stories that show how a particular client used a brand’s goods/services to overcome a challenge.

People appreciate reading/viewing resources based on the truth. By creating success stories about past customers who have utilised your products and services, you help new customers believe in your business.

If your company offers items/services, you can call your customers and ask them to express their thoughts on the products. Create a realistic case study showing the client’s issues and how your brand helped them overcome them.

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