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Londoners demand remote work even after pandemic

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A new study from the UK’s King’s College found that most Londoners enjoy working from home. The study stated that most workers believe they will never return to the office full-time after the COVID-19 pandemic..

The study stated that only 10% of employees believe they will return to work five days a week, compared to 73% who believe working remotely at least one day a week would become a permanent element of modern life.

The research, published on June 6, showed that 20% of London professionals work full-time in the office, with another 13% working full-time from home.

A survey of 2,000 working Londoners revealed that some 61% said they now work from home at least one day a week, up from 37% before the pandemic.

Of the respondents, 79% found working from home positively impactful, listing avoiding the commute as a top benefit. About 84% of women held this view compared to 76% of men.

One of the beneficial effects of working from home, according to women, is the flexibility to manage work and family commitments.

However, not all of the study’s findings appear to be beneficial. Workers surveyed were twice as likely to agree that widespread remote work policies would disproportionately harm the careers of young people.

Similarly, 50% of employees believe senior managers work from home regularly, but only 27% feel their bosses encourage them to do the same. Also, more than half (56%) believe that senior management wants employees to come into the office more frequently.

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