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TEB Asset Management registers record profit in 2021

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TEB Asset Management completed 2021 with a net profit of 1.4 million USD and 1.7 billion USD AuM

TEB Asset Management, established in 1999, is one of Turkey’s leading asset management companies. The principal shareholders are TEB Group and BNP Paribas. The main business lines are mutual and pension funds management, discretionary portfolio management for HNWIs and institutional clients, and investment advisory.

TEB AM completed 2021 with a net profit of 1.4 million USD and 1.7 billion USD AuM, with a market share of 2.66% in mutual funds and 5.63% in pension funds. By the end of August 2022, it had reached 1.9 billion USD.

The synergy between TEB Asset Management and BNP Paribas Asset Management, one of the Euro Zone’s leading asset managers, accelerates the company’s progress in becoming a global force.

Furthermore, thanks to this collaboration, TEB Asset Management had the chance to launch strategic partnerships with many other international firms.

An essential point that differentiates them from their peers is their highly concentrated integration with BNPP AM global teams. It helps them use the international expertise of BNPP AM in every way and invest in a wide range of products globally.

They also care about sustainability in their investment philosophy and utilise BNP Paribas’s expertise, one of the leading groups sensitive to the ESG approach. In addition, they adopt investments to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, a universal benchmark for assessing companies. Besides ESG sensitivity, TEB AM’s other strong suit is its expertise and success in multi-asset management.

TEB AM CEO Yagız Oral said, “We offer innovative products that aim to provide alternative returns to our investors.”

They have launched five mutual funds between 2021-2022 by examining in detail the themes suitable for the needs of the investors and the general trends in the world. Some of them are the ESG fund, Robo fund, and Metaverse fund. They continuously search for new ideas to keep up with the changing world and closely monitor investor needs.

In this sense, they focus on new technology investments in mutual funds managed by professionals, enabling investors to cover better the investment universe that addresses the theme. For example, their asset management has established the “Metaverse and Digital Technologies Variable Fund”, which transforms the metaverse universe into an investment.

With its innovative asset management approach, TEB AM has recently launched two new mutual funds that can invest in silver and, agriculture & food technologies, aiming to make the most out of the opportunities offered by the domestic and foreign capital markets.

All in all, their main objective is to create an ongoing satisfactory performance in asset management. However, TEB knows that they also have to actively seek more and take the challenge to do better daily with the help of research, sales and marketing, and digital activities.

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