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TEB Asset Management’s achievement glorified

In 2021, they came up with 6 thematic Mutual Funds which garnered them a growth of 18.52%

Our mission is to reflect the institutional understanding of international standards that global power partnership has given to the portfolio of our investors and to be the locomotive institution in the development of capital markets with our innovative investment culture.

TEB Asset Management aims to be the institution preferred by national and international investors by providing sustainable customer satisfaction.

As part of the International Finance Awards 2021, TEB Portfolio Management was selected as the “Best Asset Management Company in Turkey”.

ifm-ted-asset-management-in-2TEB Asset Management CEO Yagiz Oral stated that they have adopted an innovative asset management approach in a changing and developing world and said, “As TEB Asset Management, we serve our customers with our wide distribution channels for both investment and pension funds. As a asset management company, it gives importance to sustainability; We offer innovative products to investors with our sensitivity to environmental, social and corporate governance issues. We are proud of being deemed worthy of Turkey’s best asset management company award with our leadership in multi-asset management, our wide product range and our role in Robo advisory.

Oral, who stated that as TEB Asset Management, they established 6 new thematic mutual funds as of 2021, “We have achieved a growth of 18.52 percent in the total assets we manage as of 30.09.2021, together with the new funds we have established. Benefiting from the global experience of BNP Paribas, especially in sustainability, we offer investment alternatives suitable for the risk preferences of our customers for their assets and savings. We aim to continue our growth by further expanding our product range with innovative products in the coming year.”

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