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Abu Dhabi Airport’s new terminal unveils stunning design and modern technology

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At 742,000 square metres, Abu Dhabi Airport's new facility has become one of the largest airport terminals in the world

UAE astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi was welcomed home a few days back, at the soon-to-be-opened Terminal A of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The contemporary airport, slated to open for business in November 2023, was also shown to the UAE media.

With a built-up area of 742,000 square meters, Terminal A is not only one of the largest airport terminals in the world, but it also boasts expansive, stunning architecture that combines heritage and modernity.

The design of the building, which is based on the idea of a “pearl in the desert” and is shaped like undulating sand dunes, is the most notable aspect of the international gateway. The exterior of Terminal A has a long, flowing, shell-like roof, while the interior is dominated by natural light and greenery, giving it a great sense of openness and space.

The symmetrical high ceilings add to the terminal’s expansive and airy appearance, while the discreet placement of the columns and supporting arches facilitates easy pedestrian movement.

Trial Period
The live trial of airport processes, including check-in and baggage, security screening, boarding gates, immigration, and customs, is now being conducted by more than 6,000 volunteers.

All systems including check-in and baggage handling, security screening, boarding gates, immigration, along with boarding routines and flight information procedures, were thoroughly tested by these volunteers, who also examined the speed and accuracy of check-in, including document and customs inspections.

The process for passengers’ speed and accuracy is being tested by volunteers, according to Elena Sorlini, managing director and interim CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, who also added that document and customs inspections are being improved.

“Our commitment to excellence has driven our journey to get ready for the opening of Terminal A,” she said.

“We are focused on conducting extensive large-scale assessments to ensure the speed, efficiency, and delivery of operations,” the official remarked further.

The building will likely accommodate up to 45 million passengers per year, apart from processing 11,000 travellers an hour and operating 79 aircraft at any given time.

At 742,000 square metres, Abu Dhabi Airport’s new facility has become one of the largest airport terminals in the world. Etihad Airways, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and Air Arabia Abu Dhabi will be moving to Terminal A on the opening day itself.

Modern Technology
In addition to having a highly stunning design, Terminal A is equipped with the most recent technologies for managing airports, such as integrated biometric systems that will give travellers a seamless journey from pre-travel to the boarding gate. Modern luggage handling systems, streamlined security checks, and self-service kiosks are available.

Additionally, the terminal will feature top-notch amenities like opulent lounges, calm areas, and spa facilities where passengers can unwind before or after their flights. There will also be shops and restaurants that appeal to different interests and inclinations.

Photo Credits: Abu Dhabi Airport

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