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Nigerian aviation professionals demand better training in 2023

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Comrade Selzing Miri said that for employees of NAMA and aviation agencies to perform at their best, training and retraining must be prioritised

To further increase productivity in the system, the various aviation professional groups within the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) are advocating for proper workforce training.

The call was made in the new year by professional organisations, which included the National Association of Air Traffic Engineers (NAAE) under the leadership of Comrade Selzing Miri and Rabiu Mohammed Sani, president of the National Air Traffic Communicators Association of Nigeria (NACAN).

Speaking on member welfare and the working environment, Comrade Selzing Miri said that for employees of NAMA and aviation agencies to perform at their best, training and retraining must be prioritised.

Comrade Selzing Miri asked the government to offer essential basic facilities to enhance workers’ performance and stressed the significance of sufficient training and retraining as critical factors in their enhancement.

With the needed equipment and training, workers in the engineering sector, in particular, can do something other than hold onto their current positions. This year, the government should put more effort into training professionals to improve their performance and get better results.

In response, Rabiu Mohammed Sani, president of NACAN, demanded that communicators in NAMA be given access to contemporary communication technology to improve their efficiency.

Rabiu Mohammed Sani pleaded with NAMA’s management to swiftly put into action the AHMS (Aeronautical Message Handling System) in every airport in the nation.

He called on the management to exert more effort for it to work, noting that although the machines were installed in Kano and Lagos while configuration was ongoing, they have yet to begin functioning.

The NACCAN President made the following statement about the unit’s major training-related concerns last year: “AO 30, AO 31, AO 41, and AMS 06 were intended to be completed in 2022 but weren’t last year due to various issues in the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria.

The training should have been completed in the AO 31 by the 2022 deadline. But, instead, they remain on the ground.

Rabiu Mohammed Sani demanded a climate at work that allowed employees to function to their full potential.

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