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PSD2, digitisation to dominate Swiss Payment Forum

The annual event will be held in Zurich on November 6-7

Innovations through digitisation are now a part of the daily conversation. It is no surprise that these developments do not omit the payment sector and that mobile payments are one of the most important talking points today.

Various new payment methods are coming up, but there is no clarity on whether we will pay with our mobile phone, our smartwatch, our fingerprint or with a wink in the future.

In Europe, mobile payments are a work in progress. As in any building process, some ideas are successful while a few are discarded. Yapital or mpass have fallen, but new ideas are emerging almost every day.

The setbacks have not taken any of the steam out of the digitisation train. New technologies are emerging every day.

In Switzerland, being a country known for banking and secrecy, PSD2 is a much-discussed topic. In EU countries, banks are working towards implementation of the regulations of PSD2.

But, one way or the other, the financial sector faces a lot of challenges. These developments and challenges will be discussed at the 6th Swiss Payment Forum to be held in Zurich on November 6-7.

Speakers and participants at the annual conference will discuss the most important payment trends in Switzerland, the effects of biometry on digital payments, the implication of PSD2 for merchants and banks, Value Added Services as a mean to escape the price spiral and the potential of blockchain as a game changer not only in the financial sector.

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