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SafetyPay begins real-time payments in Brazil with PIX launch

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Transactions can be made on a mobile phone throughout the day and week, including holidays and weekends

SafetyPay has recently launched QR codes for implementing the PIX payment method in the Brazilian market, according to the media. The leading digital alternative payments platform has been providing payment solutions across Latin America and Europe. The firm will facilitate the transfer and payments from any mobile phone in real-time throughout the day and week, including holidays and weekends. The new payment method will smoothen the transactions in Brazil that occur in real-time with fast and straightforward transfers.

The launch of QR codes by SafetyPay will allow non-credit cardholders and fraud-wary consumers to use PIX. It is a newly launched payment method in Brazil for instant direct bank transfers built and owned by the Central Bank and operated by the Brazilian banks, digital accounts, and wallets. PIX has a QR code that contains the banking information of customers without sharing any additional information online and helps pay for goods and services around the country. By incorporating PIX, the firm expands its opportunity to complete instant payments at any given date or time for over 200 million people.

Gustavo Ruiz Moya, chief executive officer of SafetyPay, addressed the media and stated that the company is committed to bringing instant real-time payments to customers wishing to use QR codes on their mobile phones. The payment solution is aligned with the firm’s financial inclusion strategy and facilitating across border payment options for its customers. He further added that by offering a secure and risk-free payment solution, SafetyPay is tapping many customers. It will also contribute to a quicker online sales experience.

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