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Curtain raises for Ferrari Portofino

Will replace California T

The Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari has published pictures of its latest model, Ferrari Portofino, which will be showcased in the next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The new convertible V8 GT will replace Ferrari’s entry-level model, California T.

As described by Ferrari, Portofino’s will be known for its “sportiness, elegance and comfort”. During the launch, the price will be announced at the Frankfurt show, but it is expected that it will be to be priced similar to that of the California T, that is, around $203,000.

As published by Ferrari, the yet-to-be-launched, Portofino will have “lighter chassis and more powerful engine” – a 552 horsepower turbocharged V8 engine. It will have a capability of whizzing from 0 to 100 km/hr at the blink of 3.5 seconds. The car has been designed to be economical in terms of fuel consumption. Talking about its features, the sports car manufacturer has said that it will own 18-way electrically adjustable seats, latest backrest design and leg space – ensuring comfort for both the driver and the passengers. The car has been equipped with a new wind deflector that will not only minimize air flow inside the cabin by 30 percent when the top will be dropped, but will also help in lowering the aerodynamic noise.

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