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Mixed views on Grab-Uber Merger: Blackbox Research

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Of the Blackbox survey, 53% of respondents say the merger should be reviewed and 19% think it should be rejected

Independent research consultancy Blackbox Research online survey found three-quarters of passengers respond to review or reject Grab-Uber merger.

The survey was conducted among a sample group of 1000 Singaporeans from the age group of 15 and above. Ride hailing company Grab announced on March 26 its acquisition of Uber’s operations in South-east Asia. Grab will integrate Uber’s ride-sharing and food delivery services into its existing platform. The latter will acquire 27.5% stake in Grab as part of the deal, and its chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi will join Grab.

In the survey, 53% of the respondents said the merger should be reviewed, and 19% said it should be rejected. However, 55% of the respondents are confident the merger will not impact their choice, and 26% of them said it will ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

According to TODAY, Singaporeans found between the age group of 25 and 34 years use Uber or Grab once a week. The Blackbox report indicates this group  as consumers will be highly disappointed with the merger.

Grab Singapore head Lim Kell Jay on the company blog, said: “Passengers continue to have many other transport choices. They can book taxis via taxi apps, take street-hail taxis, car-pool, take public trains and buses, anything.

“More importantly, it’s never just about competition. We have a bigger vision for how we can build a more efficient transport system to serve you better.”

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