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Tel Aviv Chamber and Dubai Chambers sign agreement for bilateral cooperation

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Both parties will carry out a joint study identifying synergies and support new businesses

The Tel Aviv Chamber of Chamber of Commerce has signed a strategic agreement with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry for bilateral cooperation, media reports said.

According to the agreement, both parties will carry out a joint study to identify synergies and sectors of mutual interest. They will also jointly support new businesses in the regions preferably startups.

Other aspects of the partnership cover the chambers’ current activities, initiatives and programmes in areas such as research, networking, arbitration, mediation, education, training, women-in-business, best-practices, sustainability and advocacy.

The strategic partnership between the two chambers also open doors for cross-border collaboration across economic fields for public and private sectors.

Adv, Uriel Lynn, president of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce told the media, “The declaration for strategic partnership with Dubai chamber of commerce and Federation if the Israeli chambers of commerce (FICC) can be valued only in historical proportions. It is an agreement, which supports and enhances the peace agreement between the UAE and the State of Israel.  It creates a partnership between two countries, which have worked hard to build strong and prosperous economies for a better life for their people.

“It will build cooperation for two-way trade in areas, such as high-tech, tourism, aviation, investment and real estate, and more specifically, cyber, cleantech, irrigation, ag-tech, digital healthcare, and much more. Both economies will greatly benefit.”

HE Hamad Buamim, president and chief executive of Dubai Chamber, on the other hand, described the agreement as an important development that will build new bridges between the UAE and Israel, in addition to a framework for bilateral economic cooperation.

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