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African tech companies invited to partner Britain-led growth scheme

African tech startups
With its startups generating 50% more venture capital in 2017 than in 2016, Africa is witnessing an exponential growth in the technology industry

Britain’s Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport has initiated a scheme to create futuristic African tech startups companies. Politicians and corporate heads are participating in the maiden UK-Africa Investment Summit being held in London even as applications for the African tech companies to join a Britain-led growth scheme are currently in progress.

With a burgeoning tech sector that is accelerating growth at unprecedented levels, Africa is a haven to some of the most futuristic tech startup companies. African tech startups have been extended an offer by the United Kingdom to be involved in an international tech scheme to expand their concepts and businesses to a higher phase.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport facilitated by its International Tech Hub Network is launching a scheme named Go Global Africa, which seeks to forge alliances with Britain’s flourishing digital industry and chart out a path for forthcoming collaborations.

The main objective of the Digital Access Programme is to enhance digital expertise and access as well as developing the cyber security prowess of the allied countries.

Among the participants in the conference include those of the Africa-UK: Female Tech Founders 2020 scheme that will witness the continent’s 15 most inspiring women entrepreneurs visiting Britain for a three-day event to gather inputs on how to expand their business from British tech giants and also to coordinate with investors.

The scheme that was rolled out amid a lot of expectations, last year is presently inviting organisations from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa and providing them with a platform to showcase their technical prowess.

With its startups generating 50 percent more venture capital in 2017 than in 2016, Africa is witnessing an exponential growth in its technological industry. The lion’s share of the capital is being pumped into South Africa (£130 million), Kenya (£114 million) and Nigeria (£89 million).

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