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Tech-savvy Thailand’s golden future

MTS Capital endeavours to continue its innovations and to be an integral member of the ASEAN gold belt and international market.

Gold is intrinsic to Thai culture and is often seen as an investment, savings and stored value. It is also gifted at weddings, birth, and other religious occasions. Over the years, the Thai bullion and derivative market has evolved as one of the most sophisticated in the ASEAN region, with Thailand as the largest Over the Counter (OTC) physical gold trading market in South East Asia, after China and India.

The Thai bullion market has evolved to include exchange traded gold futures, OTC spot, and physical products. These products are actively traded in conjunction and contribute to the vibrancy and competitiveness of the Thai bullion market.

History and Experience in Financial Trading
MTS Capital has been in the bullion markets for 50 years, and is a leading OTC spot gold broker. It is the first to launch modern day trading technology in Thailand.

It has established its capabilities in providing liquidity and market making expertise in gold, silver, base and ferrous metals, especially in the exchange-traded markets. They work in direct capacity with many global exchanges, Tier-1 investment and bullion banks to build up volumes on the derivative and spot markets.

The company is a leading brokerage, with modern and innovative technology, whose systems have quick response times and competitive real-time pricing. MTS Gold Online and MTS Gold Mobile provides customers 24-hour global access and also provide strong and deep liquidity in the global loco London and derivative gold markets.

MTS Capital has a strong presence in Asia, and its advanced and innovative trading technology systems support the trading lifestyle of today’s investors. Their derivative product and margin trading systems are user friendly, convenient and allow both automated and algorithmic trading. MTS Capital possesses a sophisticated trading infrastructure, low latency global connectivity, high speed trading platforms, and seamless pre- and post-trade facilities to ensure that their customers receive the best execution prices. This allows maximization in capturing market opportunities.

Business Solutions
Our accolades include developing Thailand’s derivative market with the Thai Futures Exchange (TFEX). Together they built the first derivative trading system in Thailand, and supported the TFEX gold futures contract to become the largest volume gold futures contract in ASEAN, and 5th largest gold futures trading contract in the world.

MTS Capital is also the first local FCM to bring global futures to the Thai derivative market. It introduced the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) as one of its global futures partners in 2018.

They have recently been listed as members of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange. This further adds to company’s entrenchment in the China futures market, being the Shanghai Gold Exchange and Shanghai Futures Exchange, and adding to their expanding global portfolio.

ifm-tech-savvy-thailands-golden-future-chart(1)-imageOther renowned counterparts include regional and global exchanges such as Hong Kong Exchange, Singapore Exchange, London Metals Exchange, TOCOM, and BURSA, who seek their expertise in physically settled precious metal futures contracts, and currently expanded to include base and ferrous metal liquidity. MTS is strongly intertwined in the Global OTC and derivative precious, base and ferrous metal markets, and provides much expertise for the global trading community.

The MTS Capital also provides consultancy services to customers who would like to set up their own gold online trading systems. These integrated systems are customized and implemented to suit each customer’s specific requirements.

The company is at the forefront of Thailand’s largest precious metals derivatives house. They believe in continuous innovation of gold products and technology and continue to lead with a strong suite of physical and financial trading capabilities, which include a world-class refinery, an established global futures and loco London spot trading infrastructure.

They have launched the first real-time electronic gold trading platform in Thailand and established the Thai futures exchange gold futures contract to become the largest volume gold futures contract in the ASEAN region, and the fifth largest gold futures contract in the world. The company has received many awards from TFEX and other global exchanges for our contributions and efforts.

They are the first Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) trading member to facilitate CME gold futures in Thailand. As a leading member on the Shanghai Gold Exchange International (SGEI) board, MTS has received an outstanding international member award, and co-partnered with SGE in its first “Gold Belt and Road” initiative, innovating gold leasing and realizing a new business model with SGE in the China gold industry.

With MTS Capital’s long experience in gold trading and investment, including gold online, gold futures and COMEX gold market, the group is widely recognized both in Thailand and elsewhere. MTS Capital recently revolutionised the Thai gold investment market with its partnership with Krungthai Bank. The “Krungthai Gold Wallet” is the first real-time, commission free, US-Dollar denominated investment for 99.99% gold on open digital platform, Pao Tang.

This latest development pioneered by MTS Capital allows a seamless end-to-end gold trading service for the general investor. This allows for greater mobility and flexibility in the modern-day lifestyle, as well as providing a great alternative storage option which offers owners relief in keeping their gold bars safe.

The gold wallet allows investors to purchase gold with 99.99% purity on the platform, during open hours of foreign markets. It allows customers to capture market opportunities, and the investment is automatically added to their MTS Capital wallet, thus optimising real time transaction efficiencies and transparency.

MTS Capital believes that connecting to Pao Tang mobile application will lead to the advancement and success of Thailand’s gold industry as it diversifies trading channels and offers more convenience in making gold-related transactions to investors nationwide. MTS also holds a license issued by the Bank of Thailand to offer US Dollar-denominated gold trading services thus optimizing customer’s hedging and currency exposure.

In the last 5 years, MTS Capital has been a key member in contributing to the ASEAN gold eco-system. Their regional offices facilitate international collaborations with global counterparts in establishing Thailand and Singapore into one of ASEAN’s most vibrant and centralised gold trading hubs.

MTS Capital endeavours to continue its innovations and to be an integral member of the ASEAN gold belt and international market. They seek to connect the precious metals market, across physical, OTC and exchange-traded markets, and become a “One-Stop” investment house, and an esteemed choice for both Thai and global customers and counterparts.

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