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Check out the benefits of part-time jobs

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If part-time jobs are limited or you can't find one, volunteer to build your resume

“Why do you want the job?” Anyone who has survived a part-time job interview has struggled with this infamous question. Most people think, “I need money,” but they quickly realize that will not get them the job.

Despite how monotonous or hard your part-time employment is, the benefits transcend beyond your wallet. Disbelieve it? We look at some benefits here. It may surprise you that you will benefit long after your paycheck.


According to Jeylan T. Mortimer, high school kids who work, even part-time, are better off in many ways than those who do not, and confidence is one of their strengths.

Self-reliance is the definition of confidence. To gain confidence, you must explore the strange ground and learn to flourish. Even if your summer job seems simple, you will face confidence-boosting difficulties like learning a new skill, surviving a demanding work environment, or dealing with a difficult supervisor or coworker.

Managing Time

Staying home all summer may be relaxing, but it will not improve your time management. Working will benefit you in college and as an adult. The amount of time management books in any bookstore’s self-help section indicates that you do not want to approach maturity without it.

Time management involves planning tasks for the day and juggling them to get them done. Prioritizing, planning, and setting realistic goals are required. Time management is best learned via experience, but if you have lots of spare time, you will not need to.

Leg Up

Part-time employment at a burger shop will provide you with experience to document, but not much for your resume. Vacations may explain why teenage unemployment rates rise in June 2023 and fall in August 2023. Summer break allows students to find work and gain experience.

You don’t want an empty résumé while applying for different employment. If part-time jobs are limited or you can’t find one, volunteer to build your resume.

Knowing Yourself

Uncertain about your career? No worries—most people change their minds several times before choosing a career. Working as a barista at your local coffee shop may not prepare you for being a doctor, but it will show you that you like working with people and can work swiftly under pressure. You may learn new things about yourself. For instance, you may enjoy math.

Reading about prospective work abilities is different from practicing them in the actual world. Working a few part-time summer jobs should help you identify your abilities, shortcomings, and likes and dislikes.

Expand your circle

Chances are, your friends are your age. Jobs usually involve a varied collection of people of all ages and cultures. You can make friends, discover new opportunities, develop valuable skills, and boost your visibility by learning from others’ viewpoints and experiences.

Up to 80% of jobs are filled through networking.

In addition, you’ll need references throughout your career, so connect with people you meet along the route so they can showcase your professional qualities to potential employers.

Always be mindful that your summer job search is about more than just making money if you haven’t started. You may gain a competitive edge to secure better jobs in the future. After working minimum wage, you’ll understand how much a better job is worth.

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