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Heartwood launches first-of-a-kind dynamic reporting solution

Heartwood Investment Management, Handelsbanken Wealth Management, UK, SimCorp Coric, Third Party Distribution
The reporting integrates detailed daily data updates with relevant commentary on strategy positioning, performance and trades, which is an industry first

Heartwood Investment Management, the asset management arm of Handelsbanken in the UK, announced the rollout of its dynamic reporting solution for private clients and advisers that sets a new benchmark for the industry.

Heartwood’s new dynamic reporting solution addresses the growing demand for a more sophisticated digital platform that goes beyond the month-end or quarter-end period-based reporting that is industry custom.

Noland Carter, Head of Heartwood Investment Management and CIO, said: “Our clients’ digital expectations have been transformed over the past few years, but our industry continues to focus on quarter end reporting. With this reporting capability we wanted to meet client requirements for relevant daily data on their portfolios—combined with up-to-date, relevant commentary on markets, portfolio positioning and trading.”

“Recent market turbulence provides a great example of when clients want relevant information—without having to wait for an end-of-quarter report. And the reporting we have built provides key charts and data (as many online portals do), but also an up-to-date explanation of what is happening in markets, and what we are doing as investment managers.”

“The result is a suite of market leading reporting tools designed to serve both our private clients through Handelsbanken Wealth Management, and third party advice firms.”

A radical departure from the past, the service takes a new approach to digitising reporting for Heartwood’s multiasset funds and client portfolios. The service includes a range of tools including a full online client centre, a ‘mobile friendly’ client centre and customisable reports to support adviser meetings with clients.

Haydn Aird, Head of Third Party Distribution at Heartwood Investment Management, said: “Independent advisers were clear with us that engaging, relevant, client friendly reporting is in short supply in our industry. With the completion of our suite of dynamic reporting functionality we now have tools that enable the adviser to be well informed, to deliver a much better service to their client and to save time in preparing for client review meetings.”

Heartwood’s new dynamic reporting solution has been developed in conjunction with SimCorp Coric, a leading provider of reporting solutions for private wealth  and institutional asset managers. As part of the collaboration, the SimCorp Coric platform delivers increased operational efficiency and automation of client communications, including Fund Fact Sheets and Daily Fund Reports, and enhanced digital capabilities to enable ‘mobile friendly’ access.

Stuart Keeler, Managing Director at SimCorp Coric, said: “We have been really impressed throughout by Heartwood’s innovative approach to client reporting. They came to this issue with a clear strategy that was focused on delivering a wholly new type of client experience—and they have delivered it. They have pushed the technology to really deliver value setting a new benchmark in terms of what can be achieved. What we have observed is that they targeted the real needs of the client. For SimCorp, they are a key reference client now for where the industry needs to go in future.”

Heartwood is a global multi-asset investment manager that offers a range of investment strategies intended to suit various risk appetites. Its straightforward investment proposition is designed to optimise the expertise of a high calibre, experienced team of professionals to benefit clients with portfolios of all sizes.

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