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UAE’s latest announcement brings cheers to private sector employees

Nafis is attempting to make Emirati human resources more competitive to increase citizen participation in the private sector

As per the latest statement from the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis), paid support for Emiratis working in the commercial and financial sectors will grow. In addition, the government’s efforts to get Emiratis to work in different fields would also be helped by the extension of the “Emirati Salary Support Scheme.”

In the next five years, over 170,000 people are anticipated to have profited.

Nafis is attempting to make Emirati human resources more competitive to increase citizen participation in the private sector. It was introduced in September 2021 and has helped close to 21,000 Emiratis so far.

The goal is to provide training to the Emiratis, in order to fill 75,000 private sector vacancies by 2027.

It will also widen the scope of nursing cadres to include all levels and specializations of the pharmaceutical, medical, and health sectors.

The Emirati Salary Support Scheme, Unemployment Benefit, Child Allowance Scheme, Pension Programme, and On-the-Job Training Support are some of the initiatives included in Nafis.

The most significant financial allowance available to bachelor’s degree holders for the first year of on-the-job training is Dh8,000. It costs Dh6,500 for diploma holders and Dh4,000 for high school graduates.

Employees would be entitled to a top-up for five years between their current and applicable goal salaries. The most significant financial benefit available to bachelor’s degree holders is Dh7,000 if their salary is less than Dh20,000. It costs Dh6,000 for diploma holders and Dh5,000 for high school graduates.

The most significant financial allowance for bachelor’s degree holders is Dh3,500 if the salary is between Dh20,000 and Dh30,000. It costs Dh3,000 for diploma holders and Dh2,500 for high school diploma holders.

The citizens will also get temporary financial support in case of an involuntary job loss in the private sector while they hunt for employment.

The benefit period should be six consecutive months, and the interim assistance duration should be 12 months.

For a five-year term, UAE private sector employees would get a children’s allowance of Dh600 per kid, up to a maximum of four children.

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