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Tips for financial advisors to maximise LinkedIn benefits

Choose the title and location from LinkedIn's dropdown menu to connect with people seeking that job title in that area

Financial advisors benefit from social media for several reasons. It helps potential clients find you when they Google “financial advisor in (your local area)”, apart from promoting your knowledge, helps you cross-sell, and gives a positive first impression when someone searches for your name.

Social networking is the best strategy for managing your online image. Search engines prioritize active and up-to-date social media networks over other online activities.

Social media outlets you use regularly should appear before your website in Google search results. Because your social media profiles are the first thing people see when they search for you online. Your profile should demonstrate your expertise, link you with your target audience, and provide useful information.

You may be on LinkedIn—that’s great—but are you maximising its benefits? Improve your LinkedIn profile with these seven tips.

Highlight Your Photo And Headline

Log in to LinkedIn, go to edit profile, and click “View Profile As.” Get out of edit mode and see your profile as others do. Is your role and client assistance clear at first glance? If not, edit.

Back in edit mode, mouse over your name, title, and location to add what clients should see. This should contain a clear, recent photo of you in professional clothing without sunglasses. Keep vacation photographs and apparel on Facebook. Because it helps clients know you instantly, this profile photo should be constant throughout all career-related platforms like LinkedIn and your website.

Include A Summary

The LinkedIn summary is like your website’s “about page”. People should know who you are, what you do, and how you can help. Your life narrative should be about your years of experience, specialities (subjects and places), and what makes you unique among the 950 million LinkedIn users.

Impress With Rich Media

A picture and rich media say a thousand words. It’s fine to summarise your experience and make a catchy title, but isn’t it better to show clients who you are? You can include rich material with the summary and work experiences. Photos, PDFs, website links, movies, and presentations are rich media.

Share marketing materials for a unique product, images of you winning accolades, links to your website, and media mentions or videos of a company milestone with your network. It helps potential clients learn about your services and get to know you.

Add Work Experience Descriptions

Each job description needs a title, date range, location, and description. Choose the title and location from LinkedIn’s dropdown menu to connect with people seeking that job title in that area. If your area isn’t listed, choose the next best thing and write “working out of (specific city)” in the description.

It’s not helpful for advisors to title themselves “owner and financial advisor” in searches. Always type your title and use LinkedIn’s options. The choice “personal financial advisor” is not “personal financial planner”—it’s just “financial planner.”

Add Education And Certifications

Why not display financial advisor qualifications as clients often ask for them? Certified Financial Planner and life insurance licence designations are under “certifications,” not “education.” LinkedIn’s education section lists degrees from colleges and universities.

Also, choosing from LinkedIn’s options helps promote you to users who share something. If we share something like being a New York financial planner or a Columbia University graduate, LinkedIn will recommend my profile. The right-hand sidebar’s “people you may know” and “others also viewed” sections contain it.

Include Relevant Sections In The Profile

After learning the basics, create your profile. Publications, awards, projects, and courses are examples. Find “add a section to your profile” under your photo at the top of your profile. Add new (unused) LinkedIn sections there.

Adding personal information like volunteer experience and interests gives your clients something to relate to and may set you apart from other advisors.

Add More Contact Info

Find “contact info.” at the top of your profile under connections. Include your address, phone number, email, website, and social media accounts here. It should look like your business card and make it easy for clients to contact you.

The “advice for contacting” part can be added to your profile like the others. This puts your contact info at the bottom of your profile.

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