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Kenyan healthtech Tibu to decentralise primary outpatient care

Tibu Kenya
The startup connects its customers to healthcare workers in real-time

Kenya-based healthtech startup Tibu has launched a digital platform that decentralise primary outpatient care in the country, the media reported.

Tibu’s on-demand platform connects its customers with healthcare workers in Kenya in real-time. It also allows its users to store their medical information on their TIBU application.

The startup decentalises primary outpatient care by connecting them with healthcare workers who are equipped with proper medical tools. The healthcare workers visit the person’s home, rather than the patient walking to the nearest hospital or dispensary.

Jason Carmichael, TIBU’s chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder told the media, “Our health workers deploy with our patent-pending health kits to ensure that all services found in a clinic are delivered in the comfort of peoples’ homes, including labs and diagnostics.”

“Patients no longer have to run from one hospital to another to obtain a paper or digital health records. This saves time and money. Each medical consultation has a dedicated records page where all health, lab, diagnosis, prescription, and billing information are securely stored.”

“To push this even further, our team has begun designing and building patient-level analytics to better understand and track health over time. Upon a request, our system automatically triggers the lab courier service and within minutes the sample is collected and delivered to the lab. This process is automated and with standardised pricing.”

Tibu went online in 2019, after receiving funding of around $100,000 from Japan-based, Africa-focused early-stage VC fund Kepple Africa Ventures.

Tibu has also entered into a partnership with Lancet Labs to offer home-based COVID-19 testing in a number of counties of Kenya.

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