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UAE’s Ministry of Health launches AI-backed healthcare app

UAE healthcare app
The smart app will facilitate communication between deaf and mute patients and medical practitioners

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention has launched an AI-backed healthcare app during the ongoing Arab Health 2020 event, which is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The UAE smart healthcare app facilitates communication between deaf and mute patients and medical practitioners. The UAE healthcare app is designed to help doctors and medical providers better understand the health conditions of such patients.

According to media reports, the healthcare app launched by the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention converts sign language into audible speech and audible speech into sign language using deep neural networks.

Awad Al Ketbi, Assistant Undersecretary at UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention’s Support Services Sector told the media,” “This is in line with the vision of our government to implement the National Policy to Empower People of Determination and give them priority in decisions and procedures in all government entities.”

“The app will help bridge the communication gap between the medical team and patients. It reads patients’ expressions and turns them into an audible speech for doctors, through a highly intelligent digital translation. This would lead to better utilisation of patients’ capabilities and achieve social equality across our health facilities.”

Recently, the Ministry of Health and Prevention also launched an AI-backed device that evaluates diabetic food wounds. According to the ministry, the device is now available at diabetes clinics in health centres and hospitals across the UAE.

According to Dr. Hussein Abdel Rahman Al Rand, Undersecretary of the Ministry’s Health Assistant Sector, Health Centres and Clinics, the project is part of the ministry’s plan to integrate AI into medical services in the UAE.

Similarly, the ministry launched another device that can detect seasonal influenza in less than 13 minutes and provide results in five minutes or less.

Yesterday, Dubai kicked off the Arab Health 2020 event, which is the largest healthcare event globally.

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