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UK medtech Nemaura Medicals mulls Middle East expansion

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The sugarBEAT device comes with continuous glucose monitoring and offers a welcome respite to people suffering from diabetes who want to avoid needles

Recently, a UK-based Medtech firm, Nemaura Medical, came up with an innovative diabetes monitoring device and is planning to expand its business into the Middle East. The firm is mulling bringing its product to the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, media reports said.

Nemaura Medical has developed an innovative device that can track diabetes with the help of blood-glucose levels. The device, named sugarBEAT comes with continuous glucose monitoring. The product was initially launched in the UK market and provides an alternative to people who are suffering from diabetes and want a needle-free alternative to keep a track of their blood-glucose level.

Upon the release of the device, the company initially placed an order of 200,000 sugarBEAT sensors in the UK and has predicted a sale of $2.1 million this year. After primarily receiving positive feedback from UK, the company revealed its plans to expand its markets and launch the product in Germany, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Faz Chowdhury, the chief executive officer of Nemaura Medical, told the media, “We believe our technology is ground-breaking and represents a paradigm shift in the way people with diabetes can manage their condition. We believe we have a critical first-mover advantage with a product that is easier to use, more flexible, and more cost-effective than existing technologies. We are not aware of any product of a similar nature in clinical studies or that has been submitted for regulatory approval.”

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